Animal rescue numbers

In the last couple weeks I have seen Animal rescues post about how many animals have been saved, fixed, adopted out etc. I am wondering if any rescue can finally add onto their post the numbers and stats regarding how much money was raised last year in fundraising or adopting out animals, how much was spent on vet expenses, costs to rent tents, cars, advertising etc to show people real numbers where money is going. Yes I am aware of some rescues using fundraising money for their own benefit like the President and board getting their nails done monthly, spa appointments, buying items for themselves etc.

I don’t want them to start answering “feel free to message us and we will give you any info you request”. Be bold, stand out! Show us the numbers. Show us money coming in vs money going out.

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When looking for a new family member please remember to also see if the rescue (if you are going to adopt) is in good standing with their non profit business number or registered number.

Are rescues really following the guidelines they need to? Remember, this is your money and I hope you want it to go as far as it can in helping out animals.

No, I am not against rescues at all. I have rescue animals.



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