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I just wanted to give a HUGE shout out and thank you, to Heritage Panago and it’s managers, Mario and Roman.

This weekend in the stupor of a cold and of course, cold meds, with my head in the clouds I made the mistake of punching my PIN number into the tip section, thought I had corrected it, but didn’t and continued with the transaction.

So thanks to my 6 digit pin, I tipped just shy of $1500.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a generous tipper, but $1500 on a $30 is a little more than I can swing.

So naturally in a moment of blind panic, as I’ve just tipped away my rent money that was due on the first, we tried to refund it, and it didn’t work. So I went into the heritage location, and the manager was called, they tried to refund it at the shop, it wouldn’t go through. So these amazing people opted to straight up cut a cheque. No beating around the bush, no putting it off, Mario came into the Heritage location at 9 am on a holiday Monday to cut us this cheque so we could pay our rent on time.

Let’s be honest here, these people did me the biggest favour ever! They by no means had to refund that money. It was my mistake and they could have made me live with it.
To say these people are incredible is an understatement. The level of concern, understanding, and overall compassion that these men showed during such a stressful time for me, was absolutely out of this world. I owe them both a debt of gratitude.

So if you’re looking to support some awesome people, who truly care about their customers, hit up Heritage Panago!
Thank you once again, Roman & Mario, you are true gentleman.



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  1. Lori Czoba Lori Czoba says:

    This is the best story I’ve ever read on Shoutout Edmonton

  2. Candice Ball Candice Ball says:

    I love seeing actual shoutouts

  3. Jen Brinco Jen Brinco says:

    This is awesome!I worked for Mario at Panago many years ago. He’s a great guy!

  4. Very nice…..could use good news these days.

  5. Love seeing a kudos post instead of a whiny one for a change. Thank you! And what an super kind and honest thing for them to do. I’ll have to tell my friends that live in that area to go there.

  6. Wow that is great to hear some people would say sorry that what you paid to bad so sad.

  7. Lill Griebel Lill Griebel says:

    Huge kudos to them for being understanding and honest !

  8. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    What an awesome thing for them to do

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