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1+1=11 in Alberta

I now am a keeper of Alberta’s secrets; secrets which have undermined democracy, liberties and freedoms, standard of living, progress, competition in the market economy and the rule of law. These secrets will be used against Alberta. I am not law enforcement so I have made no oath to keep secrets (even classified ones or court ordered secrets) – in fact law enforcement is involved and contributes.

1300 files of individuals will go a long way putting people into their place but that is merely breaking a couple of legs on the beast. Albertan officials were warned; too bad they are horrible poker player and thought I was bluffing.

Pain is coming. Vengeance is coming.



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  1. SomethingHereStinks says:

    Good tunes, Im going to crank them, get the popcorn and enjoy this go down. NDP and Conservatives are on opposite ends of the same turd.

  2. Pokerstars says:

    Sounds like a royal FLUSH. Do it! Alberta needs a good scrubbing away of scum.

    • ChipOnMyShoulder says:

      Chip worked as a boatwright as his father and his gran
      A’ working in a boat yard building on the River Thames
      One day Chip was hard at work, the Devil appeared from hell
      He held a roll of copper and a bucket full of nails
      The Devil said unto Chip, “take these nails and copper roll
      But you also have to take this rat and I will take your soul”
      Chip despised the rat, and the rat squealed and hissed
      But the bucket of nails and copper were too much to resist
      Chip went straight to work, he’d get rid of the rat
      And there would no’ be a problem with his death after the fact
      But the devil rat wouldn’t die, no matter how hard he tried
      The rat attacked the boatwright and ‘e bit him in the eye
      It seemed as if the river rats fell under Satan’s spell
      They followed Chip around and made his life a living hell
      He slowly lost his mind, he lost his family
      He lost his job and had to join the King’s Navy
      A lemon grows a pip
      A yard will build a ship
      As Satan is my master
      I will get you, Chip
      A lemon grows a pip
      A yard will build a ship
      As Satan is my master
      I’m gonna get you
      The rats chased Chip up the gangplank of the ship
      And they bit him and they tortured him until he finally flipped
      He sniveled to the captain to turn around this rig
      The captain spied his madness and they chucked him in the brig
      The devil rat had his man, he knew just what to do
      He’d command the rats and through the planks they’d chew
      The water rushed in, and the ship went down
      She was smashed upon the rocks on which the rats danced around.

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