14 year old bowel issues

Thank you all for your advice. The encopresis sounds bang on!

For every one else who assumes I let him game constantly I guess never really read my post. I said he has restricted use.

He’s a good kid, has great marks in school, loves the outdoors and riding his bike. Our time is mostly filled with hiking, fishing and outdoor survival skills. So if I choose to allow 3hrs of game time a week. That is not bad.

He is the one who told everyone and admitted to me that it was his laziness for not using the washroom.



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  1. Then get him some depends, perhaps he can use this time as training to become a professional gambler.

  2. Angela Budd Angela Budd says:

    Definitely sounds like encopresis!! He may say it’s laziness but it’s not always a laziness by choice. I think get him to a Dr and a psychologist. In the mean time. ( As per your previous post..)Yes take away the Playstation!! Your doing great by asking for help. I’ve been there with my son.

  3. AW Smith AW Smith says:

    Yes, you said you restricted his game time BECAUSE of the issue as a punishment so that led many to believe he was playing a lot more previously.
    Now you’re saying he does all these outdoor activities but in previous post said the issue mainly happens during gaming time. Not while at school, not while performing other activities esp strenuous ones. So if he’s saying its laziness and it’s only happening while gaming, wouldn’t it be just that? Laziness? Because it sounds likes he is picking and choosing when to use the facilities.

  4. I have a 15 year old gamer myself and unless you actually have one of your own it’s impossible for people to understand. You’re doing great, just keep pressing on and things will get better!!

  5. Lisa Clyburn Lisa Clyburn says:

    Encopresis can be closely related to constipation. The skid marks you talk about may be overflow from the constipation, and not necessarily from him strategically holding it. Sounds like you’re enforcing a good mix of outdoor activities vs gaming. Good luck! Thank goodness it’s not happening in school. Please see a Dr regarding his constipation.

  6. Sorry but you said 3 hours, 3 times a week and unlimited on weekends.. that isn’t restricted IMO. My kids are only allowed screen time on weekends and 3 hours max. Video games are like cocaine to kids.. p

  7. Candice Ball Candice Ball says:

    Well this is very different from the original post haha. Makes no sense

  8. The original post seems like it’s missing bits and pieces. I reread it and it seems different.


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