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17st Edmonton Dollar tree

RioCan meadows 17st Dollartree rent a cop detained my daughter and demanded to look through her purse. She was scared and had nothing to hide so she obliged. The woman finds nothing and as she was leaving asks her not to come back to that store because they do not like thief’s.

My daughter calls me hysterical. I go to the store demand to see video of her stealing, only to see her detain my daughter and look through her belongings. The woman then refuses to give me contact information for recourse. Only a scribble of a so called name and website.

What are her rights?



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  1. I was detained (locked me in the store) by a dollar store employee when I was a minor. Aswell he told me to lift up my shirt. Kept me there till police arrived and police showed up and drove me across the parking lot to make the store employee happy and let me out and nothing happened. How was your daughter hysterical? Fuck I found it hilarious when that shit happened to me. I guess times have changed.

  2. All of these so-called security kids don’t have any training and are only employed because they’re being paid minimum wage and the company is getting subsidized by the government. What they did is illegal. Take this to the max!

  3. I went to a $ store type store (can’t remember the name) and had a small shoulder strap purse (no bigger than a magazine). I walked in walked around a bit and started to head out to get me wallet that I left in the car by mistake. As I’m heading to the door the “security guard” who was all of 18 I swear, stops me and says “open your purse” I looked at him and asked what he meant and he repeated it and I asked why would I open my purse (that was already open) he said “I saw you put a big jar in your purse” I laughed and asked what jar he saw me steal? He points to a HUGE mason jar and says “One of those!” So i walk over and grab it and asks him how the hell would the mason jar fit in my purse??? Even a smaller one wouldn’t fit, and I showed him. I took both jars and walked up to the front desk and told the manager what he accused me of. I dumped my purse out and asked the security if there was anything he wanted to accuse me of stealing that he could see laying on the counter. I was pissed, the manager felt bad. She gave me a number of a higher up and I talked to them the next day and told them what happened and they said that they no longer had the guy working there. The removed him, I was told I was one of many who were accused of stealing. Now, if I had a huge purse or a bag or back pack I can see them asking people to leave it at the front counter but it was a small purse. Lol. I still get annoyed thinking about it.

  4. Lillie WG Lillie WG says:

    I would file a complaint with upper management or district manager

  5. Unfortunately they have to do this because of so many stealing. I hate prices going up Bec of the stealing.

  6. Dave M. Kool Dave M. Kool says:

    Ex-LPO here; you have absolutely every right to sue both the rent-a-cop, the agency she works for and the store itself, and let me tell you why. Buckle up, you’re going to want to take notes.

    First and foremost, security guards are NOT LOSS PREVENTION and have zero legal rights to stop and search anyone without a warrant, let alone a minor (we’ll get to that part). She had no right to stop your daughter and ABSOLUTELY no right to search her bag, period.

    Basically what happened was your daughter was the victim of a false arrest, and you should immediately contact the Edmonton Police and a personal injury lawyer.

    When a Loss Prevention Officer makes an arrest of a minor, we have to IMMEDIATELY contact the police and the parents, neither of which happened in this situation, meaning that in essence this dumb ass rent-a-cop kidnapped your daughter.

    When minors are involved, the parents MUST BE CONTACTED, and you were not. When a minor (or anyone) is arrested the LPO MUST CONTACT THE POLICE AND THE PARENTS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

    And make no mistake, this dumb ass ARRESTED your daughter as soon as she stopped her. In this case it doesn’t matter if the security idiot chartered and cautioned her, the SECOND she prevented her from proceeding she was making an arrest, she’s just obviously too stupid or poorly trained to know that.

    Also under the directive of the Solicitor General’s office ANY licensee MUST PROVIDE THEIR SECURITY LICENSE UPON REQUEST BY LAW ENFORCEMENT OR A CITIZEN.

    The fact she didn’t do that says either she’s an idiot and shouldn’t be doing that kind of work, or she knows she fucked up and is in some pretty serious trouble and shouldn’t be doing that kind of work.

    Call the police IMMEDIATELY and file a report, then contact the store and demand they give you the agency’s contact information; if they refuse, tell the police that and let them take over the investigation.

    Either way do NOT let this go, this should at the very least cost that rent-a-cop her job if not criminal charges.

    Right now she can charged with false arrest, unlawful confinement, kidnapping, unlawful search, and if she laid a finger on your daughter she could also be charged with assault.

    EVERYTHING here is highly actionable and you have an EXTREMELY strong case, so call the police right now and tell them everything, then contact the personal injury lawyer of your choice and have them file a notice of motion that you’re suing EVERYONE.

    I would have your daughter talk to a counselor as well and use that testimony in your lawsuit, because it sounds like she was pretty badly traumatized by this.

    GO GET ‘EM.

  7. Yes, I would sue the security guard and her employer. This is not legal.

  8. You do not have to allow anyone to search you. They do not have the right to do so. If they insist you ensure they call for police presence. If they acted on a hunch and without hard proof they open themselves up to a lawsuit. Know your rights and don’t think you have to comply. In the case of a minor they should have contacted the legal guardian or parent. I think half these security hires really have no formal training. Either way demand the security officers ID ( security ID) THen go hire a lawyer on a contingency basis. Good luck pretty sad that your daughter had to go through this.

  9. Dollar tree never gives a phone number. They suck

  10. In Loss prevention you have to be 100 sure before you detain and accuse my understanding is that person can be sued for a substantial amount. Then
    On top of it to call her a thief is way out of line.

  11. Wow how rude.I won’t be shopping there.

  12. WOW!,,Lots of children go to dollar stores …now picking on children , frick’s sake !

  13. No store security can do anything to a minor they must wait for guardian they have no right to search her property and I would def go further

  14. Ric Hard Ric Hard says:

    Go back to the store and ask the guard for their security license number, they have to give it to you by law, then file a complaint with the solicitor general, then file a statement of claim at the court of queens bench for the breach of charter rights and serve it upon the corporations head office which you can get by doing a corporate search. If they don’t wanna settle then lawyer up and have them take over for you.

  15. Get a lawyer. That’s illegal.

  16. I have seen a rent a cop search a teenager at dollarama on the 137 ave. I felt bad for the chick.

  17. What is the rent a cop company name?

  18. Mah Dehaan Mah Dehaan says:

    You have a suit. Call a lawyer. File a complaint with both the police and the BBB.
    What happened was illegal. Contact their head office, not the store.

  19. Cindy Rego Cindy Rego says:

    I would most definitely be taking this higher up in the company. As well as letting everyone I know, know about her experience. It’s not acceptable and I would want my child to know I will fight for her 100%.

  20. Larry Larry Larry Larry says:

    Can all the lawyers in here raise their hands!!

  21. Pooja Alysha Pooja Alysha says:

    Legally they cant ask to search you inside the store, get your complaint going now…

  22. I refuse to shop there anymore because of one really rude employee there short blond hair, heavy set.

  23. SHARED Lots if kids shop at the Dollar Tree and similar stores . It makes me wonder how often it has happened and nothing was done ! This was poorly handled from the start.

  24. You can contact the police and charge them with unlawful detainment and false arrest. The police can find that security guards information. You could also try to contact the regional manager.

  25. Khaled Ali Khaled Ali says:

    Their Google rating isn’t bad at all

  26. Mike Luu Mike Luu says:

    You can sue the store at this point. They not allow to search or detain inside the store…..and since they found nothing… will win. Congrats you may be a millionaire.

  27. Call head office and report the incident. Then make sure everyone you know knows about it and do not take your business there again.

  28. No place of business can detain you unless there is proof. Even then, demand police to be present if they try. As soon as they do that and there is no evidence, you can sue the store using the police report as your evidence. Enough people who do that, the store will quickly change their tune because its slander when they make false accusations.

  29. If it was a security guard or loss prevention officer, you can file a complaint against them with the Solicitor General. You’d need the persons information though.

  30. If security tried to detain saying they think I stole something from their store, I would tell them you better he damn sure of what you are doing or I’ll have so many lawyers crawling up your ass, you’ll wish you never seen me

  31. Just so you know it’s against the law to do this. They would have to leave the store before they could do anything.

  32. Doug says:

    The loss prevention (no such thing as a Rent-a-cop in loss prevention) would need to see her select, conceal and leave without paying for an item to arrest her, which she didn’t. I’m not sure what your definition of detain is, was your daughter asked to have her purse looked at, or was she told to remain in the store and that she couldn’t leave until she opened her purse? If she was asked to see in her purse and she obliged, move on, life’s to short to fight a battle you won’t win, but If she was told she couldn’t leave the store until she opened up her purse…well then you’d be right to raise a storm. Things become clear when you take the emotion out of it.

  33. She should have been able to call you. She is s minor. Period. Personally as a parent I would have choked that store manager but we can’t do that can we. So yup I’d stop at nothing to ensure she lost her job. Publicly shaming the store. Stand out front with a sign. keep your hands above head at all times in the store or you will be accused of stealing a $1.00 item. Poor kid. Make her feel good about herself again you dont want this haunting her. Ensure her you trust and believe in her. Good luck.

  34. As far as I know, unless she actually saw her steal something she canmot detain or look thru her personal belongings. You should go speak to the police, and just Google the corporate number.

  35. Graham Frost Graham Frost says:

    Why was your daughter hysterical?? If a cop or security guard asked to see in my bag while browsing in a store I’d happily open it up and let them take a look… Seriously what’s there to be mad about????

  36. Legally, even on private property such as that store, a security guard cannot detain or search a person. It only happens because people don’t know about it.

  37. Is this the hill you want to die on ?

  38. Brenda Hall Brenda Hall says:

    Canada Corporate Office
    3185 Willingdon Green
    Suite 206
    Burnaby, BC
    V5G 4P3
    Toll Free: 877-327-2512
    (Mon.-Fri., 7am – 4pm PST)

  39. Brenda Hall Brenda Hall says:

    I have not been impressed with that store manager, the way she berated a employee in front of customers was not professional at all and was uncalled for. If you feel your daughter was unfairly accused contact district manager and above. Did they ban your daughter officially with notice?

  40. Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

    Contact police then lawyer…see if stories match… lawyer gives you 30 mins free have questions written out so not wasting time of thinking as to what to ask

  41. its considered private property so other than store management/head office not much i think you can do.

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