27 year old virgin clarification

Hey! 27 year old virgin here again. To clarify, I’m not a troll and not lying. I’ve been on the pill since 17 because I thought it was wise…. didn’t intend to be almost 30 and still a virgin. I have dated. Have made out. Got fingered once. Even dry humped! But it feels wrong to have sex with someone I don’t see myself with long term.

I really appreciate the honestly I’m the replies and agree it’s probably best to not give some random guy my love-button-cherry-bomb. I just feel like there’s something wrong with me to not have done it by now. I guess I have high morals for myself.

Thanks again Edmonton!



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  1. In all honesty, when I read the first post, I thought it was weird.
    But I think you’re doing ok. You have morals, and what you want.

  2. My friend was 28 and still a virgin and was so self conscious about it finally just had sex with some “date”
    And to this day she still regrets it
    No one should judge you because of it… I think most of us wish we would have waited.
    When the time/guy is right you will know.
    And he might not be Mr. Forever but he will be someone you care for and he cares and respects you back.

  3. There’s nothing wrong with you. Keep being picky and uphold your morals.

  4. Mercedes says:

    I also feel the exact same about not being with someone like that unless it’s going to be longterm! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one:) I always wondered if I was the only one who felt that way….You have an awesome sense of humour too:)

  5. Really, not the place

  6. Amy Evenson Amy Evenson says:

    Love button cherry bomb? Geezus, so glad I’m not a teenager these days. Lol

  7. There’s nothing wrong with having high morals. I applaud you for having that much respect for yourself and knowing what you want

  8. Don’t forget that it’s nobody’s business what you do or don’t do behind closed doors. You be you!

  9. Never fear there’s a guy near !!

  10. Diane Peters Diane Peters says:

    I still say your view of sex is very skewed. Some counselling might be a good idea.

  11. Look up “the loop hole” on YouTube. She may be a vaginal virgin.

  12. Lois Sunley Lois Sunley says:

    nothing wrong with high morals … your body, your life … do what you need for yourself …

  13. Someone doesn’t want to have sex because they want to make an intimate thing stay within the sounds of a long term lasting relationship and you guys say that’s skewed? Wow. Not at all it admirable and strong wtg girl

  14. There’s no right or wrong as long as you’re safe.

  15. Jill Morin Jill Morin says:

    Made out means kissing

  16. Jill Morin Kissing means kissing.

  17. Tammy Hall Tammy Hall says:

    Nothings wrong with you it shows you have respect for yourself it don’t matter what the people say that call you a troll your not your strong yea they’ll be people bashing you for what you haven’t done but it’s your body your life nobody can say what you should or shouldn’t do in the end it’s your choice

  18. Galenthor says:

    don’t worry about it lass… I didn’t lose my cherry til I was 37 myself, but that was because of alot of trama that I experienced in my life…

  19. Brian Booth Brian Booth says:

    There’s nothing wrong with being a 27 year old virgin. What is wrong is assuming people that aren’t 27 year old virgins don’t have as “high morals” as you. While I whole heartedly believe this is a troll post specifically for the use of the term “love-button-cherry-bomb” even if you say you aren’t. I also believe that your morals aren’t quite as high as you think if you’ve “been fingered once” and “dry humped”. Also there are missing elements here as well. You could have propositioned a man for sex or several men to be turned down for one reason or another. Chances are if you’re not a troll then you didn’t think this post out too carefully before hitting “submit”.

  20. Stacy Anhorn Stacy Anhorn says:

    more people should have same morals. They are sadly missing from society. I applaud you! The right partner is the one worth waiting for

  21. Well at least you know what you want not very many people know exactly what they think is best for them. I wish you the best with your journey through life. 🙂

  22. Maybe you’re asexual?

  23. Jen Pratt Jen Pratt says:

    Making out is not sex. Getting fingered is not sex. They fall under the sexual act umbrella but are not the same thing as sexual penetration. You don’t lose your virginity to either.

  24. Aly Kaba Aly Kaba says:

    Stick to your morals and wait for the right guy. There is nothing wrong in waiting.
    I’m 34 and still am waiting for the right girl. Don’t pressure yourself into something just cause you thought it would have happened by a certain age. 🙂

  25. Having sex or not having sex does not define morality imo; perhaps an archaic interpretation of morality , and judging others for having sex says a lot more about you than them..
    My advice is find someone you like , date and if you feel it’s right do it. Personally I was in love at 16 and dated the same person for years and that’s how it happened for me I regret nothing because it was out of love =) fall in love and have fun, dont worry about being a virgin there’s a special someone for everyone. Don’t waste it on just anyone so you don’t feel weird or awkward, you may regret that in the future. Anyways it’s not that weird, just do you and go with the flow.

  26. Okay personally I think that’s TMI. We didn’t need the details, okay your a virgin. Let’s leave it that. Geez.

  27. Liz Dubray Liz Dubray says:

    So let me get this straight. You feel like there is something wrong with you to not have had sex by now but it feels wrong to fuck someone you don’t see yourself being with long term. And now you’re on SOE basically asking to be fucked by someone? You’re not really making a clear point here. Are you just attention seeking or do you want to get fucked? Not clear as to what the objective is. Maybe this is something you should have a conversation about with a bestie instead of going viral?? Lol

  28. Amanda Boal Amanda Boal says:

    Omg be quite keep your personal information to yourself ! Didn’t your momma teach you not to talk about what goes on in your personal life !!

  29. Dry humped & finger fucked? Jesus Christ! Lmfao!!!!

  30. Shanda Leigh Shanda Leigh says:

    There is nothing wrong with waiting for the right person for you… definitely wish I would have waited.

  31. By the sounds of this post, you sound way too immature and judgmental to be having sex.

  32. Byron Watson Byron Watson says:

    I would like to go for a coffee with u

  33. I am still sending you to purchase B.O.B……clearly you are too finicky for the masses or they to appreciate you enough for you to find an “appropriate” candidate for the task. If you are looking for advice from strangers you are clearly desperate. Who you are attracted to and what you attract depend on some quality about yourself that you need to identify and make changes to.
    What I can guarantee is that B.O.B. will not fart, snore, give you a disease or a bug. He will stop when you want him to stop, and always be willing to perform for the small price of fresh batteries occasionally.

  34. Your high morals are gonna leave you a virgin on your death bed…… seriously don’t get it…..really you’re just depriving yourself. Don’t think about it as giving it away …. think about as you taking what you want….it’s 2017 not 1820… obviously want to so just do it! Live a little…..


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