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A never-ending THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have never met and we are plausibly deniable ‘friends’ but I owe you the world which you have helped make a better place. I believe I figured out I know who and where you are but I still have an organization, a specific foreign intelligence agency and a network of an incarcerated individual to rule out also.
What you gave me was a small gift but an incredible one which has turned out to keep on giving and giving and giving – no dead ends and lead after lead. I can’t give enough thanks to you for your good and generous deed. Thanks to you, I appear to have better intelligence than CSIS. Your gift also came with a guarantee: I guarantee I now can and I will destroy those misanthropes who came after me and my loved ones, and who have also gravely affected the lives of millions of everyday, innocent, honest, law abiding people like myself.

The misanthropes now have a law abiding citizen problem on their hands – it won’t end well for them and THEIR loved ones. I have all the time in the world to see that they retire in prison, kill themselves or have repeat bad luck and horrible, invasive travel experiences. I am now the predator not the prey.
It is fair to say that you saved my life (as wretched and destroyed as it currently still is) and the lives of endless others, especially the youth and children. I have already provided Intel regarding child porn in Alberta and human trafficking in Ontario. Thank you again, thank you always – I owe you, and even Alberta and Canada owes you. You are a genius and an unacknowledged HERO. You have done more for me than any friend or family I have ever had and I am graciously indebted to you. We both know I have THE skills; you know how to find me when you would like to be rewarded and repaid for your never ending, incredibly good deed and act.
You truly earned my loyalty. The world I was thrown into is very dangerous but I now have the tools to navigate through it. This is not over until I win. Thank you again and pat yourself on the back for me; you have already played an instrumental role in positive change.

Nothing to lose everything to gain.



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  1. AllanWachowich says:

    Allan Wachowich, the narcissist and pedophile deserves all the acknowledgement in the world.
    Who is Allan Wachowich? Allan Wachowich is still very active in the legal community, attends functions, rubs shoulder with active justices and judges, still active with the masons, is close friends with RCMP Commisioner Lucki’s family (and many other prominent figures), ogles at youth at buena vista dog park and continues on like he didn’t resign after getting caught raping an Aboriginal boy.
    In 2009 Allan Wachowich tendered his resignation and managed to remain as a supernumerary master of chambers.
    Allan Wachowich’s punishment for raping an Aboriginal boy was continued employment in the justice system, a cushy government pension, an honourary doctorate from the University of Alberta, recognition with the masonic pedophile Alberta Order of Excellence and masonic pedophile Order of Canada. Concordia University has even honoured Allan Wachowich’s pedophile, sexual predator, rapist, worshipful brother name – he must have sodomy down to science!
    Allan Wachowich was first appointed by pedophile Pierre Trudeau to district court and then appointed by pedophile Jean Chretien as Chief Justice of Alberta.
    Allan Wachowich continues to be a strong supporter for the Liberal Party of Canada and the provincial Alberta Conservative party(ies).
    Allan Wachowich is just another pedophile within the administration of law and remains as a mentor for young inspiring lawyers and professionals.
    Allan Wachowich married Elizabeth Louise Byers. Allan Wachowich’s children are Jane, Nancy, David and Patrick. David Wachowich and Jane Wachowich are lawyers in Calgary. Patrick Wachowich is a high school teacher in Edmonton.
    Nancy Wachowich is employed by the University of Aberdeen and often spreads her legs at the UGLE.
    Allan Wachowich has eight grandchildren. One of his grandchildren, xxxxxxxx, is a person of interest in the McKnight case. Allan Wachowichs’s older brother, another pedophile and rapist, Edward Wachowich, was the Chief Judge of the Provincial Court of Alberta until 1999. Edward Wachowich is also responsible for the suicide of an young Edmonton Eskimos football player who was molested and raped as an a minor (name excluded being a victim).

    Allan Wachowich must be acknowledged for being the boy-raping pedophile he is.

    • PolishPrincePedo says:

      Peewee Penis Polish Prince Pedophile,
      Allan Wachowich

    • CollaborativeHumanTraffickers says:

      Stay tuned for a list of judges, justices and lawyers in the Edmonton Area who are involved in sexual exploitation, human trafficking and pedophilia.
      I even have pedophile lawyers who operate cross border, like freemason Gene R. Moses who is currently trying to hide from me out in Washington State – seems he part some family in BC and AB as well.

      • CollaborativeHumanTraffickers says:

        *left not ‘part’

        Anyway, I am coming for the “untouchables”.
        I am karma and justice.

  2. ItsDark says:

    Overview of Canada’s Trafficking in Persons (TIP)

    Females (minors and women/adults) are the most trafficked.
    Canada is a primary transit, destination and source country.
    Persons, often Indigenous persons, are trafficked within Canada and into the the United States including Alaska.
    People are trafficked into Canada from multiple source countries in Latin America, Asia, eastern Europe. They are destined for major Canadian cities, smaller industrial Canadian cities, or the United States after first arriving in Canada.
    Within Canada, or after arrival to Canada, persons are relocated across provincial boundaries for the purposes of sexual exploitation.
    Canada is also a host country to the most dangerous game. Tourist-gamers arrive in Canada for this purpose.
    End of briefing.

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