A Sudden Smashed Window Out of Nowhere!

Did anyone see this?? Tonight (April 12), my husband and I were driving east on the Henday at about 5:40 pm in a silver Mazda 3 when all of a sudden we heard a big pop then a smash.

Our driver’s side passenger window ended up being smashed, pulled over to see if a rock had smashed through or not,there was no rock…

Wondering if anyone had seen what happened. It was a good thing our 5 month old was not in the car at the time because her seat is on that side of the car!




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  1. It happened to me when I was a kid and I remember hearing it was temp change and condition of glass.

  2. Katie Gabler Katie Gabler says:

    This may sound crazy, but last year I was driving my car and within 2 minutes of driving my drivers side mirror was shattered and gone. I don’t know if it was heat thing but nothing hit it and it just shattered… perhaps it was some weird freaky thing?

  3. It probably was a rock. This happened to me. I saw the rock hit my window and then it was gone and my window shattered. It sounded like a gun went off. Scared the crap out of me. Thank goodness I had my sunglasses on.

  4. My neighbour had their truck sunroof shatter. They thought someone shot at them from up top one of those over the road walkways. But it wasn’t.

  5. Misty Hill Misty Hill says:

    Same thing happened to me as Michelle Prinsen

  6. Ali Leung Ali Leung says:

    I’m the op, scared the crap out of me! We think it was a rock ,but holy crap!

  7. could it be someone with a BB gun ? just asking .

  8. Happened to me as well. Was told that I probably had a hairline crack and then with temp changes… Scared the shot out of me as well. Thought someone was shooting at me lol

  9. Dave Valente Dave Valente says:

    Well there has been a lot of ufo sightings… I’m guessing that aliens did this and it will get worse! You think photo radar is bad in the city!, wait util those little grey fkrs start messin with ya!

  10. Happened to me with my back window. I thought it was someone with a BB gun as a truck ripped past me when it happened.

  11. Ruth says:

    I was driving on the overpass on Anthony henday north going to st albert and as I was driving over the bridge, one of my back windows on the right hand side on my schoolbus just shattered, the glass just crashed into the bus, no one was in the bus as I was going to the school, no one could of thrown a rock or anything, as I was atop the bridge, no cars around , nothing, was a very strange incident indeed>

  12. Kole Dupe Kole Dupe says:

    I’m going to say a BB Gun

  13. Same thing happened to me on 34Ave just east of Gateway Blvd. No rocks in my vehicle either…..


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