A year of Insults/Misery from AB Health in search: GP for Specialist Referrals

Been sick for 1.5 years, told my family doctor got bitten on my back near spine, fly flew in my ear, felt dizzy; eyes became foggy and I fainted on kitchen floor (5 min) as my dad woke me up. She ignored the symptoms, No Blood check, Nothing,!! All she said “We need to find you a Psychiatrist for Depression, most of them “Are Not Accepting New Patients'” Of course i doesn’t help I have Mold in my Bathroom & Basement, which I can’t clean up due to Asthma&Allergies+Chemical Sensitivites. Symptoms blasted off on a Weakened Immune Sys person, my dad gave me **Some Bacterial/Fungus Infection*** quickly spread to my hands & fingers (already have Leaky Gut, Celiac).

Saw a Naturopath, did a few Parasite Cleanse, realized it spreaded into my Bloodstream. Here comes the Insult #1) Belle Rive Medictr 2hrs wait worse doc>Dr. G Fung didn’t look @ me, looked @ history via AB Health# said “its all IMAGINATION your Depression altered aspects perceiving REALITY” He wrote me a new heavy dose of anti-depressants. Month later ambulance took me to Misericordia, Insult#2 ER Nurse closed curtain talked loudly about me to other ER staff (laughing, joking); ER Doc comes in “Patients like YOU is a waste to this Society & Taxpayers money, Holding up Hospital Bed&Ambulance! You should NOT EXIST in this World! go home make sure you take your meds” ($450 ambulance $60 cab home I cried all the way) Insult#3 Strathcona Community Hospital 20-ish doc graduate didn’t see me, he send the nurse in and transferred me to Psych Ward @ U of A Hospital I was released by Psych stating “”ER Doc misdignosed me & mistreated me, she told me to file a complaint” (Super scary remind me of Winona Ryder in Girl, Interrupted)

Finally, I drove to Vancouver saw Naturopath who’s Board Member of Van Naturopath Director, 4th Generation heard amazing Healing Stories. He diagnosed me: Liver/Kidney prob, Lung/Heart/Eyes are weak, Nerve&Neuro&Back Pain, Digestion, Anemic, LowRBC, Zer0 Immunity, Vitamin+Mineral Deficiency…Heavy Metal Poisoning, Mercury Poisoning, Mold&Chemical Poisoning…Fungus infection all over my body. He said “imagine being a HEPA Vacuum once you step outside, you sucked up (body) all the toxins, microbes, bacteria, viruses, pollen into my body; circulates the body thru organs/bloodstream can’t Exit” Treatment plan for 4 weeks of IV treatments 3x/week ($250-300 ea not covered by Health Insurance) + Shelter&Food. After 1 wk I came back to Edmonton, hoping my family doctor can help, she asked me “How old is your house? Is there Mercury? I don’t know I don’t know what type of blood test or tests to do…I don’t know” I told her Hair test, blood work etc..She said I don’t think Mold has a big effect on a person’s health ( why don’t you shower in my tub lady drives a Benz, takes 4 vacations/yr). I looked in Royal Alex has same IV treatments offer by my Naturopath, all I need is referral covered by Health Care, if Specialist prescribes. I found 2 specialist but can’t get Referred, friend suggested East Community Health Ctr, this young girl did not look at my hands, told me to put Vaseline on, and waived me off. She got paid $30 fr my AB Health Care for not Acknowledging A Patient and check her symptoms.

I am beyond frustrations with Judging, Discriminating Careless Doctors (looking down on me Attitude) because I was diagnosed with Depression +10 yrs ago, Lyme Disease (depression symptoms), #Big D# attached to my AHIP#. My naturopath stopped western medications, my moods are fine, I can sleep w/o sleeping pills, supplements & homeopath meds costs $1000/month, my employee threatened to terminate me if I don’t return to work (Oops with my fingers bandages & hands wrapped!!! Oh yah very attractive in Customer Side)
Called my NDP Nicole Goehring her asst said “There is Nothing we can do to help you despite you have problems with housework, snow removal, garbage days, carrying grocery (handicapped sign). I can give you a link for Doctors Complaint thats all; I don’t know WHAT you Expect us to do or Help you. There are many doctors in Edmonton who can help you I am sure.

Just Sayingg…how many more Doctor visit for Septicaemia diagnose before it’s too late!!!! Sepsis just doesn’t affect Children & Seniors, it can affect any person with Weakened Immune System!!! Any Virus or Diseases, Edmonton AB doctors STOP focusing on Children & Seniors and Ignore other Age groups.



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  1. Jack says:

    Stop wasting my tax dollars.

  2. Alan Palmer says:

    Take your medication.


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