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Acceptable places to fart in the house???

Is it acceptable to fart anywhere in your own home? No guests just a couple alone in their house.

My BF gives me heck when I fart in the kitchen or bedroom and says I should leave the room if I need to fart.

What’s your opinion and how does your house manage farts?



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  1. Randi May Randi May says:

    Rip yourself a new one. Boyfriend, that is. 😉

  2. Fart Transfer:
    Sitting on your wife’s butt giving her a massage, fart.
    “Did you seriously just do that?”
    Hey, just sharing the love honey.

  3. Ruth Beter Ruth Beter says:

    What a stupid question

  4. Keith Bangen Keith Bangen says:

    You must have some stank farts. You may need to change your diet or see a doctor

  5. Amanda Kerr Amanda Kerr says:

    I’m assuming you don’t have kids then. Our sons think farts are hilarious anytime, anywhere.

  6. Ron Klatt Ron Klatt says:

    Everyone farts period! Maybe hold off durning dinner in the dinning room, Oral Sex and a hot shower (you’re only punishing yourself on the last one) other than that… let er rip

  7. Ali C-f Ali C-f says:

    Let it go, just say excuse me so you remember manners in public:)

  8. Where ever you may be let your wind blow free

  9. My fucking house… I’ll fart where and when I want.

    Just make sure you can trust your fart.
    Might leave a rosebud.

  10. Lyn Hessels Lyn Hessels says:

    Fart near your dog. No one will suspect it’s you.

  11. Nicola Robak Nicola Robak says:

    fart wherever you want to fart

  12. Farting is normal, but for the sake of someone else’s nostrils it is courteous to leave the room if they’re particularly rank.

  13. If ppl are eating, one should try to leave the room to fart, same with blowing your nose…

  14. Fart where it makes you happy

  15. April Lovett April Lovett says:

    Is this a serious question? If so, the respectable thing to do is do it in the washroom.

  16. I fart wherever I want in my house!!

  17. Andrew Gregg Andrew Gregg says:

    My Grandfather used to say:

    Where aye ye be, Let your wind blow free. In church or chapel, let your arse cheeks rattle!!!

  18. Anywhere other people in the house are not..

  19. No. You are not allowed to fart in my home.

  20. Anywhere anytime. Its a natural part of life and needs to be released.

  21. Cassie House Cassie House says:

    Yeah we just fart. Dont even think about it

  22. Mara Cakes Mara Cakes says:

    Go to the bathroom. That’s gross

  23. My dad lets them rip at the kitchen table

  24. Lisa Rayman Lisa Rayman says:

    Farting is natural, and important for your body. Get rid of him and his weird no fart rule

  25. Jenna Unrau Jenna Unrau says:

    Um…farting is normal body function. Let them rip!!!

  26. Fart man! I know people fart in their sleep.

  27. Adam Spamler Adam Spamler says:

    A couple that farts together stays together. Crop dust that prude any chance you get.

  28. Kitchen is gross, bedroom can be(depending on your atomic level). Meh, just respect it & avoid an argument. Choose your battles, it’s not that hard to walk a few steps away.

  29. Purdy Travis Purdy Travis says:

    My house. I fart where I fucking want. It is a natural thing. Oversensitive doiches

  30. If i were you i would fart on his lap to establish dominance.

  31. Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

    We grew up to do that in the washroom .

  32. Your boyfriend sounds like a twat.

  33. Fart in the bath, the bubbles tickle your crack.
    On the flip side never ever fart in the shower.
    The steam seems to amplify the smell.

  34. you can do it anywhere. when you do though, you need to yell “TURBO” and run out of the room.

  35. Fart on him next time, couples who fart together, stay together. Me and my boyfriend would fart all over each other hahahaha if ya can’t have fun, screw that guy.

  36. It’s your place and farting happens do it where ever you want

  37. Your bf sounds like my ex wife….

  38. Depends – how bad is the smell?

    If you’re a person with atomic bombs, you should be setting those bombs off elsewhere in the house, say the bathroom or outside on the porch.

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