Accident witnesses at 115ave and 92 st

Hey there.

Today I was involved in an accident at 95 and 115ave. A white suv type truck ran the red light. I end up hitting him. I was wondering if anyone out there witnessed the accident today at 12:30 ish at that intersection.

The guy is lying, saying I ran the light. I really don’t care, except the fact I would love to prove him very wrong.



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  1. Ruth Beter Ruth Beter says:

    did you have your dash cam on

    • Wish I had. Don’t have one. It’s not that anyone was hurt. It’s that he’s lying. I had 2 in the car with me. They both say it was green. I heard him
      Lock up and was almost grabbing 3rd gear when I slammed on the brakes. If he was free and clear, the. Why the hell wasn’t there more damages. Gawd I’m so mad about it.

  2. 92 or 95 st? There’s 100% no lights at 115 ave and 92 street.

  3. Most lights have cameras now have you checked ?

  4. Not all lights have cameras. Happened to us almost a year ago.. it was a he said she said thing.. none of us could prove who ran the red light but the police wanted to believe the old gal.. but then just said we were both at fault… stupid cuz he couldn’t write a proper police report… ignored our witness who tried giving his name and number for future info for court or insurance… in the end we are both dinged.. so good luck

  5. Jenny Pham Jenny Pham says:

    Talk to homes in the area. Some may have security camera footage.

  6. I can do it for the great price of $249.99

  7. Brad Daniels Brad Daniels says:

    What? When did they put a light there? Did you get a concussion when you got hit

  8. Brad Daniels Brad Daniels says:

    200.00 all day one time fee

  9. It’s 95st. My bad. I’m gonna walk the intersection Monday and see if I can find a security camera. I’m so pissed. Beyond pissed.

  10. Tim Jacklin Tim Jacklin says:

    Christmas special – All the witness you will need for only $69.99


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