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Advice for NAIT Students

I went to NAIT for 3 years of my life and it’s truly one of the best post secondary institutions you can go to.

My advice for full-time students is a very simple one: NAIT’s website has a Room Bookings link in which you’re allowed to book study rooms as you need them. My advice for full-time students is to take the 45 minutes to 1 hour and go on there and book a study room during every lunch hour during the semester.

I didn’t learn this trick until my very last semester but it made my entire life so much easier. I always had a quiet place to eat lunch if I so chose and on the off chance that I had group work to complete, my group already had a place to go and work. Trust me, for the amount of time I spent sitting there making like 70 room reservations (weekly repeats didn’t work for me for some reason :/), I probably saved 5x that much time in preventing headaches and “where should we work” discussions.

That’s just my penny’s worth of free advice :p



6 Responses

  1. It’s ok everyone … Paul just needs to keep his “Top Fan” status with stupid comments

  2. Crystal L Tremblay you are so right! Apparently the world revolves around all the people who book a room just in case they might need it! Smfh

  3. Tom Kinakin Tom Kinakin says:

    Thanks for posting an actual shouout rather than a rant.
    Good read.

  4. Paul who cares if 50 million ppl know .. the world doesn’t revolve only around one person…

  5. Will this advice work for anyone registered at CDI? I heard some good things about that place.

  6. So now that you’ve revealed that little gem of good advice, the reservation system will be over run and over booked.
    Sometimes it’s best to keep you mouth shut and keep things on the down low.
    Some people feel the need to think they are helping but in actuality they only make the situation worse by polluting it with the masses

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