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Alberta has many problems, let’s discuss this one.

This is a cartoon about (bad) moms who hate (good) dads more than they love their (innocent) children.

A good mom understands that child abuse, parental alienation, and using children for weapons and profit is merely insanity. A bad mom will be angry over this cartoon.



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  1. Hahahahaha says:

    Never date lard asses!!! I’m not fat shaming, it’s their personalities and laziness that is so gross.

  2. Yeehaw says:

    Sad but true.
    Canada has 9 provinces, 3 territories and 1 very large trailer park.

  3. BadMomsStink says:

    Kids without fathers end up troubled. Crime, poverty, rape, violence, mental illness, suicide, early pregnancy, drop out, etc. But bad moms care about themself.

    • Youdidit Tourself says:

      If you didn’t choose a partner wisely, you deserve what you get. Nobody to blame but yourself if the female you impregnated is a biotch. She was one before, and it didn’t stop you from laying down with her. If you want your kids to have a good mom, pick out a descent female to start with and not an easy bar fly.

      • TheDevilHasAVagina says:

        Probably valid for many but in my situation, I only partially agree. I thought I met someone kind, loving, interested, honest and more; however, I also ignored warning signs. By the time there were kids involved, for me, there was no ‘going back’ and I committed myself further, and completely; unfortunately to an evil woman flying around on a broom when not on her phone. Long story short, when you wear your heart on your sleeve, it makes for an easy target for a female psychopath, or sociopath. I have dealt with a lot of guilt and self hatred for being as foolish to love, trust, believe in, care for and forgive a witch but I do understand the real and fake ex now, she’s an actual psychopath – this has helped me cope with feeling like a complete fool. I now understand that I am innocent fool, in that I naively TRUSTED in love and HOPED an egocentric, narcissistic, manipulative, irresponsible, cold-hearted, immoral, evil, indolent, abusive, self gratifying, pathological liar could be reasoned with. My bad.
        When my kids are 18, I will probably have a lot of “yo momma” jokes to tell them.

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