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Albertan Separatism: the players and the plan

The attached photo is taken from a polish-jewish freemason’s (in Edmonton) Facebook account; the idea of the “Western Republic of Canada” also comes with the Union Jack. Even past CSIS director disclosed some information regarding the plan to break up Canada and make western Canada a resouce-based colony (of the Queen of the UGLE and freemasonry) to export its blue-gold, black-gold and yellow-gold to the USA. The individuals behind the concepts of alberta separatism, WEXIT, western separation, western coalition, etc have been propagated by the members of secret society (not members of society) and the least educated, experienced, skilled and informed individuals have emotionally immersed themselves into the masonic-ideology based on dogmatic victimization. This same network of ‘people’ is completely to blame for division, chaos and a destabilized Canada; much like they are to blame for what is happening in the world, to present day.

People, start doing background checks on those you all listen to and see as role models – they are actually just the most pathetic and weak scabs of society who smile at you will trying to pitch their self-fulfilling agenda.

Putting this into perspective alone the following institutions are involved: Alberta law courts (all), Solicitor General’s Office, EPS, RCMP, Sheriff, CF, law society of AB, QC council and numerous lawyers, alberta legislature, city hall, chamber of commerce, edmonton economical development and civil planning, WCB and appeals, OH&S, the entire automotive industry including car lots and AMVIC, AHS ( some docs and nurses but mainly execs, purchasers, senior appointed staff), the entire O&G industry incl AER/safety/environmental, banking and finance, media and advertising, education (EPSB, Catholic School Board), religion (all christian denominations) AGLC and privatized addicting taxables. So, so much more!
Lets me ask western Canadians, especially Albertans: are dumb enough to cater masons also?
God Save the Queen of the UGLE! Bahahahaha.

Albertans want separate with genocidal pedophiles! How twisted is that.



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  1. Thats my picture says:

    I am Chris Kodak, director of Reliable Mechanical Services in Fort McMurray. So what, I’m a red cossack who is going to kick Canadians out of Alberta like we red cossack bolsheviks ran Russians and Ukrainians out of Russia and Ukraine.
    Whoever posted is an anti-semite.

  2. ByeCanaduh says:

    Alberta Courts, Solicitor General Office, EPS, RCMP, MLAs, MP, the PM of Canada are all in the flight and flight mode of cowards. Add censorship to the culture of genocide and pedophilia of british-israeli Canada.

    FYI: Google, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook all enable white supremacists and the genocidal jew also. That’s okay, this is why I prefer sharing Intel with Russia, China, India, Japan, Turkey, Iran, Germany, Italy instead of the Canadian public – it is a lot easier to do!
    Thank your government, media and entrepreneurs for the upcoming collapse. 🙂

    Over 1300 freaks here linked to more in another post.

    • ByeCanaduh says:

      Wait, let me all spare you the trouble. Just get off Facebook, Reddit, Google, Twitter etc.
      I will use Jeff Weiner as an example instead of Zuckerberg et al.
      Who is Jeff Weiner? Well for starters he’s a mason, a jew and even from the freakiest frat phi-delta-theta; Jeff Weiner is also the CEO of LinkedIn and the Company’s (not LinkedIn) asset. Why is this important? Because like Facebook, LinkedIn was created to be a road map to the rest of your lives next to Facebook collection (and less so, other social media). You have all volunteered to give up your privacy.
      I have only used all of the above to collect intelligence, as what they all were designed for; except I do not spy on everyone and collect data – I only target the group, basically those who spy on and control you all, not everybody. This is why I am so efficient and why I can also clearly demonstrate the manner in which the ‘law’ collects your information (not even mentioning your own personalized mobile surveillance equip called a cell) and intelligence is not only highly wasteful and inefficient but exceptionally invasive and perverted. When you are on the right track, there are no dead ends and are able to even distinguish between primary contacts, secondary contacts, associations and even wrong place at the wrong time. These individuals also lurk on buy and sell sites, dating sites, chat apps and even trendy tik tok.

      You are all entitled to not believe me, I really don’t care as the info I provide is for your own benefit – use it or waste it. I don’t care either way as I don’t have plans to stay in Alberta or Canada. Everyone has a personal agenda; I have one also, and it’s based on vengeance and justice – the big difference between myself and others is that I have actually taken others into consideration in my own agenda.
      I’ve also been playing too nice but not anymore.
      There are two sides to this: the genocidal pedos and my side – pick your side “people” .