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I feel so alone in this world with everyone around me I still feel lost and alone.

It’s the worst feeling ever and I know I’m loved but you cant change that feeling of emptiness inside. Like your alone against you watching you drown. You know they know you tho it’s just a loss feeling.



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  1. NegativityStinks says:

    Life will get you everytime if you let it. People will get to you everytime if you let them.
    Look at society?! You want to be popular on social media, you want to sit around and get fat, you want to waste your days on booze and weed, you want to waste yourself instead of improve yourself? Then pursue popularity. Or you can choose the lonely road, success and self-actualization.
    Believe in yourself, ignore the nay-sayers, disregard others defining who you are and what you want or need in life – don’t listen to societal contructs. Nobody, not even family will help you; they will question you, your motivations and ability to succeed in your dreams. Take charge of YOUR life, pursue your dreams, regardless what others are saying about you. We are all alone and there is nobody you can truly trust but yourself; who cares about others, they don’t care about you they only care about themselves – care about yourself also and make the necessary changes to feel better about yourself. Society is toxic and AB is full of hillbillies – being alone is a blessing in disguise.

  2. jim says:

    Those can be dangerous feelings, don’t take them lightly, don’t ignore them, get help A.S.A.P Please

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