Am I too naive?

I am saddened to see all sorts of brand new stuff on buy and sells coincidentally within the few days after Santa’s Anonymous did their deliveries.

Before anyone gets their panties in a twist, I know this is not the case for all the postings. I know some people stocked up on gifts and have decided against giving them. But when someone is posting dozens of toys and then you click on their profile and they have no friends and no picture other than a night sky, it leads me to suspect that they’re doing something shady.

I know that people will say “well what if they got doubles” and right there is my confusion. Cause see I thought those programs were for people whose kids wouldn’t have gifts without the donations from Santa’s Anonymous. So if there’s doubles then the child clearly had gifts coming. Or if they already had it why not donate it? I am a firm believer that if you are given something free out of the sheer goodness in someone’s heart, then it should be passed along for free. Got a gift your kid can’t use? Pass it on to a family in need or take it to a shelter.

I know that where there are free programs there are people taking advantage who don’t need it but it just seems excessive this year the amount of people who feel entitled to profit off of the donations other people gave.

I gave to Santa’s Anonymous. I committed that every time I went to the dollar store I would buy 2 toys. Not the dollar store brands, they had Monster High and Disney and those are what I bought. I had this idea in my head that they would serve to make a child’s Christmas a good one and take some pressure off the parents. I did not imagine that people would be taking those gifts and turning them for profit. Maybe I’m a little too naive. Anyway, Edmonton, I wish everyone a merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) and a blessed new year!



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  1. Rye Weskey Rye Weskey says:

    I think you can still block people from seeing your friends list… So it may appear to be a profile as empty as your soul but in fact, it is not. Food for though OP.

  2. I was thinking the same damn thing. I hate to even think that is what is happening but I see so much scamming going on. I hope i am wrong.

  3. I don’t give to Christmas charities anymore. I volunteered for Santa’s anon for years and got turned off. There are people still starving in this world. That’s more important than first world problems. People usually aren’t even grateful in Canada

    • Lori Balmer Lori Balmer says:

      Canada’s a big place and there are many grateful people as myself for what these volunteers do ,sorry but had to make a opinion not all are ignorant

  4. A lot of people scoop up those blow out deals throughout the year where they’re spending pennies on the dollar for toys and then re-sell at Christmas time to make some extra spending money. A lot of times it doesn’t even come from a Christmas charity, it’s just stuff they have they don’t want and EVERYONE could use a few extra bucks at Christmas time.

    I would love it if the people of Shout out Edmonton could be a little less Grinch-y and a little more understanding. Not everyone is this big scam artist out to milk the system. Even if they are – it’s not very charitable of the people giving to demand their donation be used 1 way and 1 way only. The point of a gift is to be given freely without strings. Y’all look like fucking puppeteers with how many strings you have attached to your donations.

  5. Lori Balmer Lori Balmer says:

    I agree ,something different needs to happen ,people need to do home checks ,these are for the kids some parents shouldn’t be parents if this is how they think of their kids as cash cows ,get a life and get jobs ,there’s lots coming up

  6. Even if this is happening, what can be done about it? Theres going to be some abuses of charity no maťter what.

    I give and have no control over what other people do. I like to think that my donations go where they’re supposed to go. I like to concentrate on the positive.
    I support local charities and won’t let this deter me from giving, to those who need it the most.

    I’m a firm believer that what you send out into the world is what you get back.

    Merry Christmas.

  7. Win Chan Win Chan says:

    Couldn’t their profile settings be set to almost entirely private? Anyways… a lot of people abuse the system, or make bad financial decision to lead them to do so… the problem lies more in the mentality and lack of education for a lot of people, rather than directly just financial. What sucks is it ruins it for people who actually want to better themselves and just want a little help to nudge them up in life.

    Just this month I’ve seen so many desperate acts just to scrummage up any bit of pocket change in time for christmas, such as (likely) stolen work tools turned into the pawn shop or loaning phones or jewellery there – on top of all the classifieds asking for free stuff so their kid gets exactly what they want for christmas (and then we forget what christmas is supposed to be about!). What they do in their life that leads them there is an entirely separate discussion, such as having kids they can’t afford both emotionally and financially, getting into bad credit, impulsively buying stuff they don’t need, dating losers for love who then run themselves both into the ground, not wanting to work, making a career out of finding lonely men/women instead of how to better her/own his life, etc… I lost count of how many people I’ve met over the years who have good hearts, but they’re a little too good and let the wrong people ruin them. Some of these people need more positive guidance in life than gifts and money thrown at them.

  8. Or they were stolen off someone’s doorstep

  9. Jenna Bean Jenna Bean says:

    yup there is a special place in hell for those people

  10. Cee Dee Hawn Cee Dee Hawn says:

    So Grandma can’t give a gift if they got a hamper? Are you daft or just spitefully eyeing up other people’s gifts??


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