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Is anyone else getting tired of all the American news and media we are subject to here in Canada??

We get it Americans love guns, violence and scaring their own people. They will never change. It’s only getting worse down there. I would like for our country to have a Canada first mentality. Americans are taxing the hell out of us.

We need to produce and buy all of our goods HERE and only HERE. America is becoming as bad as the middle east. I am worried for our children and future generations. American media has subliminal messages stating America is the best and only nation.

If people start believing this and don’t look at Canada as being a great nation (with far less violence!) our children won’t have enough interest in our own elections and political system.

Canada matters much more than America and I hope us Canadians know that!



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  1. We start pulling the plug in trades with the USA, they push back with higher tariffs/taxes, they stop buying Alberta oil and start buying from China (cheaper, our oil anyway, helps them start paying back some of their debt to China) we lose more.

    I don’t disagree with the original post but we do stand to lose much more than we stand to gain by pissing off the USA. If we had a pipeline to sell our oil to international markets then we’d have a competitive edge. (Too soon?)

  2. Win Chan Win Chan says:

    Don’t care for TV as I don’t care for much of what goes on there. So I don’t spend money and time on it. I do keep in touch with news so I read it online, but usually like multiple sources so I can get different perspectives on each event. It’s particularly noteworthy for financial news where there can be so many different opinions. Many good ones, many bad ones. World events can be presented in a way to make you hate/like something but you learn to scream BULLSHIT after a while. Everything has their unique audience 🙂

  3. Canada is becoming worse than the middle east you fool, educate yourself before embarrasing yourself

  4. Do you live in a cave? The reason everything is farmed out from Canada is because the spoiled children of YOUR generation want $40 an hour to attach two sticks together, don`t like all the American propoganda, don`t watch it, pretty simple isn`t it?

  5. Lyn Hessels Lyn Hessels says:

    I’m all for any real news … it’s the way they present their biases as news and “opinions” I can do without.

  6. It reaches the saturation point when we become immune to the violence we’re subjected to every day. I just hope we don’t lose our humanity in the process.

  7. It’s hard to find anything that is made in Canada – maybe CTV, Global or the CBC should do what ABC news does – once a week they spotlight products and/or manufacturers alive and well in the States. If our Canadian broadcaster did this, then us Canadians can support Canadian companies.

  8. I read the second half of the second paragraph and it left me with one question…who’d you vote for

  9. Tip One: Stop shopping at Walmart and other stores owned in the USA.. stop sending money out of our country.

  10. It doesnt help that most of our politicians are sellouts and have zero backbone to the Americans. None of them care to industrialize and exploit our vast resources. Everyone is only interested in selling everything down south for pennies.

  11. Vince Gillis Vince Gillis says:

    It’s actually a globalist agenda, produced in Europe and enforced in the USA. Agenda been that, once the guns are removed, then they have total control.So keep in mind that American guns are the last defense against world tyranny.

    • Three percent of Americans own the majority of guns. The owners probably don’t have the intelligence, the social skills or the leadership abilities to get together to stave off the much better equipped US military. Instead we will continue to read about how they are the last best defence while the occasional anti-globalist takes his gun collection to a school, theatre, festival or what not and inflicts more damage on that nation’s psyche.

    • Hard to see them as the last defense against world tyranny when they cant get their own shit together. Right now the states is more of a teaching example of how not to do things and why.

  12. Cancelled the “news” package as part of our Shaw cable a few months ago and it’s been so wonderful not having CNN, MSNBC, etc.

  13. I like how you are posting this rant on your Asian made internet device using an American social media platform.

  14. Laura Hunt Laura Hunt says:

    Well…that’s actually quite smart. Wish it was that simple. We are one.

  15. Linda Riley Linda Riley says:

    I’m not sure about you but until this past weekend it has been a long time since in have seen anything made in ‘merica.

  16. Might be great if Quebec starts the ball rolling and perhaps buy their oil from Alberta instead of Saudi Arabia.

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