I am so angry and need to vent!

I am a Realtor and today was showing a unit in a condo complex. This particular unit was hard to find so I had to look on each floor to find the unit. I got to the second floor and opened the hallway door and saw someone laying at the end of the hallway and it sounded like they were in distress. I walked over and saw that it was a woman and asked if she was okay and saw that her face was bloody and she was in rough shape.

I ended up calling an ambulance and while I was waiting for it, she started vomiting blood and choking because she was laying on her back. I had to get one of the people that was with me to roll her onto her side because she was choking, This happened a couple of times. Finally the ambulance came to take her to the hospital and the paramedics told us to leave.

Since then, I’ve talked to the police who said that that particular building is known to them and they receive a lot of calls out there.

This is why I’m mad…..this lady was at the end of the hallway. The whole time we were there, the only person that asked if she needed help was a woman that just came home and was going into her unit.

Where were the other people? There were probably 10 units on that floor. I would be shocked if every single person on that floor was not home and didn’t hear anything. This woman was crying and moaning very loudly. Maybe, the people that live in this complex are used to this sort of thing and are de-sensitized. If that’s the case and you’re scared, then fine, don’t go out and help, but at least call the police and stay in your unit.


I have no idea how long she had been laying there, but she had dried blood on her hands and blood all over her face. If me and the people I was with hadn’t of found her, she very likely would have chocked to death. No one deserves that.



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  1. Marie says:

    I hear your rant – and agree it sounds like the complex or 2nd floor may well be desensitized to what goes on in there, what you experienced. It’s a good thing you happened to be there for that woman’s sake, you may have helped save her life.

    BUT on another note, you say you’re a Realtor?

    Why on earth would you take a client and show them such property? You didn’t preview it first, right?

    Is/was your client by chance, a slum-landlord or someone sporting needle tracks on their arms? Yes/No? If no, then you should have hightailed it out of there without having been asked to leave … and never looked back!

    TIP(1): Remember where you were and think twice before showing units in there again! … (chuckling…)

    TIP(2): You sound young and female. Be sure to diarize with whom and where you go. Eyes wide open, meaning yours ~

    Happy selling! ~


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