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Another winner shines through.

I find it so unbelievable that some people are so entitled, it’s actually sickening. Let me tell you about this loser….

He is all over facebook because he has a disabled step-son, has multiple accounts and Facebook groups up begging for money, runs illegal raffels and Go Fund me SCAMS claiming that he needs funds so he can buy the child wheelchair equipment and a wheelchair accessible van. Don’t get me wrong, i understand the astronomical cost of raising special needs children but what really makes me shake my head is he is a self proclaimed ” marijuana activist ” who constantly posts the weed /mushrooms he buys,( even though he is unemployed????) . Today he actually posted how “disappointed” he was that no one is buying into his raffels.

Maybe put down the pipe, get a job and prioritize your family/responsibilities… just saying



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  1. OnlineBeggers says:

    Online beggers just amuse me. I would never fork out money to someone online, even a friend, with a sad sad story.
    Go out on the streets and show your sad story if you want handouts. Natives have to do it, what makes hillbillies so special they can sit on their azzes infront of a computer to beg. I think if you have a computer, tablet, phone to beg, you should really sell that device to help fund whatever endeavour that has necessitated being a begger. The guy can contact Notley, she got criminals new mattresses at the Remand, even though the social justice warrior forgot about people sleeping on cold concrete in the streets.

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