Any book lovers that know where to sell or trade?

I love love love books. Now I have 2 big boxes from this year. I try to buy them second hand but great condition (like friends, garage sales, or got as gifts). I want to sell them so I can buy more for next year.

I did garage sale where I charged $0.50 per book but I don’t want to borrow my friend’s garage just for a few books this summer.

Anywhere that I can sell or trade books and even some DVDs, VHS tapes and CDs?

Please do not suggest donating. I have donated a lot to causes through the year. And I will keep donating. But I also want to get some cash since I want to buy more.

There is a lot of Danielle Steel, Nora Roberts, Nicholas Sparks, Recipe books, Royalty collectible books and such.



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  1. Wee Book Inn buys books and other stuff off people. Go to the one downtown, they have the best selection

  2. Ruth Chalk Ruth Chalk says:

    Wee book inn…. or Edmonton buy and sell fb

  3. Cee Dee Hawn Cee Dee Hawn says:

    Wee Book Inn
    But…they may not take all of them. They only take what they can sell.

  4. Terry Calder Terry Calder says:

    Wee book inn isn’t that great. They turn down a lot of books because they are overstocked so you won’t get anything for them even if they are new.

  5. Try a local used book seller (in Spruce, Bookwormz). They’re usually picky, and will take certain titles (not your whole selection)…as a buyer, I appreciate that. I also have hundreds of books. I work in a book store. I’ve given up on making money off them. I donate them first to my friends, who get first dibs, then to our yearly treasure hunt (big garbage pick up) where I leave out a big box. You could start a book bartering page if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for.

  6. Wee book Inn trades 2 for 1.

  7. Sherwood Park book swap (join on fb)

  8. Maybe look into parking lot garage sales? I know Now Radio has one every summer. Then you don’t have to borrow a garage.

  9. Wee book Inn. You may be able to trade them. Personally I like the one on Whyte Ave. They also have a 118 Ave and a Jasper Ave location. AND THEY HAVE CATS

  10. Where are you located in Edmonton? I might be interested.

  11. The Bookworm in Sherwood Park

  12. You could try a Facebook buy and sell group.


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