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Any recommendations for a lawyer?

I am looking for lawyer who is professional and doesn’t charge an arm, leg and two ribs for services. What are legal aid requirements and are then any bro bono lawyers or lawyers I can pay after settlements?

I’m in West edmonton but location doesn’t matter as long as good representation.

Thanks for your help!



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  1. Albert loudon says:

    Yeah, I would like a good lawyer as well as there is a “company” that I need to prosecute straight of existence.

    Off topic but relevant: I would like to give a big huge shoutout to the young gentleman whom quickly informed me that the white-trash freak waitress at the SOUTH EDMONTON CALGARY TRAIL Red lobster had drizzled secretions from her vagina onto my meal tonight; Oct,20,2021 @ 7:32pm

    Thank you young man; its people like you that make Edmonton truly the city of champions!

    • Tom Ly says:

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      I know fake master Dale Lee awso, so don’t fuwk awound whiteboy.

      • Albert Hancock says:

        Tom! It’s worshipful bro Albert Hancock! That’s right theeeeeee Albert Hancock, senior project management of everything (ERP masonic Strathcona; Govt AB masonic Min.of.Justice, Culture/tourism, advanced education, masonic GEF Seniors Housing, masonic Tells, and even masonic british bug bastard Hancock Consulting.
        I absolutely love the culture, cuisine and mah brothers! With CSIS-RCMP clearance, I absolutely endorse Dynasty Century Palace!

      • Dave Hancock says:

        Albert, you talk too much. Grand Master Judge Dave Hancock must step in and correct you: It’s children first yummy and Sky Palace and Dynasty Century Palace tied for a close second. I like extra MSG also, it has proven to be instrumental in my cardiovascular health. What size are you tits Albert Hancock? May I recommend a little more gluttony if want to reach the ranks of the big boys.

        Judge Hancock
        Zionism and obesity are due to genetics, not learned behaviour, my family proves this.

      • Cara Chong says:

        It’s Cara Chong, creative writer four our masonic alberta energy. Past creative writer four masonic trade, tourism and economic development. Also past Syncrude.
        That’s a very short list of hongmen! You could not have even mentioned the Lam’s? The even married into the AOE.
        Some of my up close and personal beloved are Glen and Sandra Mah of Calgary, pedo Doug Mah of Edmonton, Clarence Mah of WCB, MahLLP and Amanda Mah of AHS.

        Love always,
        Cara Chong

  2. Looking for lawyer still lol says:

    So no suggestions? They do all look bad at this point!

  3. ImReal says:

    Dear MehNotBad,
    Please use the information wisely. I am the real deal. Want proof? Let me use Edmonton pigs and rapists as example (same famiglia). First please read quoted post from the positive lies post from July:
    “To @anonymous July 2, 2021 at 3:17 pm
    I don’t know but I have white people on drugs and meth, with white power tattoos , who sell pharmaceuticals also and get little girls drunk. They happen to be protected by the RCMP and EPS even. Speaking of pigs, I broke up the EPS steroid ring years ago (just another reason why the having raging 2″ hardons for me) and even have EPS who like the GHB and McKnights rape bars also.”

    Now see article from 2018 regarding Det.Greg Lewis

    Now listen up: “Retired” Detective Greg Lewis, who still has titties after steriods, currently resides downtown Edmonton; to be more specific the penthouse at the Panorama Apartments and is perving on a large part of the downtown core from his creepo pad. He is another joke for a man. Little greasball, little pedo peepee Dino Bottos was also the lawyer for Greg Lewis and Matthew McKnight; for me that is too predictable seeing all parties (EPS, specific lawyers/judges/bizmen, Edmonton Oilers) loved to frequent the “graveyard” (publicly known as McKnight’s serial rape bar).

    • Jesus Christ says:

      Jesus Christ. With the proper equipment he’s probably also creeping to the south at University girls, and to east and west at the hookers. Jesus Christ.

      • ImReal says:

        Not even Jesus can save me, personally. The way I live now, salvation is just a fantasy; I had already been unlawfully and unjustly banished to hell, so this is not a case study on self-destructive behaviour – it’s more of redemption, vengeance and punishment.
        I want to state the following publicly: I am not law enforcement, dept of justice, DND/CF, magnum P.I. employed by the Service or any institution of ‘our’ plantation system. I believe I am of too good of character. I would not even trust Det. Behiels who still understands his duty to the EPS.
        EPS corruption vvv

        ^^^I may know things and stuff, one can even reference the positive lies post again regarding another individual in the post.

    • Beware!!!!!!!!!!! says:

      Panorama Apartments? I lived there! Beware! I think that’s the guy who is pals with the property managers and has his equipment in the gym at Panorama. Beware of the property managers also! They search people’s cars, bother residents, complain if people on patios talking at 8pm, walk into units and threaten people. Funny enough Aaron Greening is a drug dealer also! I think Larry maybe ran a beg bug motel in Manitoba also. Maybe people from little rednecks communities should stay in their redneck communities and drugs dealers should be in jail instead of associating with redneck property managers.
      I found a better place I can enjoy for much cheaper price! No douchebags present!!!!

      • says:

        ImReal and Beware!!!!!
        What gives you losers the right to inform the public and bring up the Greening name and Greg Lewis? This is completely unacceptable.
        A sincere fuck you, staff sergeant Michelle Greening.

    • Steve Claydon says:

      Thank you whoever posted this exposing the Edmonton Police. The Edmonton Police Service is a sick, twisted, corrupt and toxic place of employment and “service” to the public. My brother should have never came to Alberta and especially Edmonton and St.Albert. It all went to shit for him from there. As EPS he turned into an animal and was even charged but not convicted of assault with a weapon. He continued turning into a two-faced supremacist on edge. Finally, in June 2020, my brother Trevor Claydon took his own life.
      It’s the EPS culture, fuck those lowly numpties. They take good men and corrupt them and enable the already corrupted.

      • Emmanuel Claydon says:

        Uncle, but my mommy and everybody told me my daddy was a superhero who died in the line of fire saving hundreds of people in St.Albert. So he was just a total selfish loser?

  4. Sumliketheassidont says:

    Nope. They’re assholes. Do people actually recommend lawyers? Isn’t that like advertising ass wipe?