Anyone been a living donor?

I’m just wondering if there’s anyone reading this that has been a living donor. I’d love to hear from you, pre-op and post-op mainly.



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  1. Pm me. My niece donated a kidney to my nephew.

  2. Erin Paul Erin Paul says:

    I work for the Kidney Foundation of Canada and if you are interested you can contact me! Just PM me!

  3. I was unable to be a donor because I have had to many transfusions.

  4. Jess Lee Jess Lee says:

    I know a couple people. Can pm me

  5. Yes, I’m a living kidney donor. April 8 will mark 4 years. I chose to be a non-directed donor (altruistic, anonymous) and so I took about a year to complete all testing. I went through the entire process completely at peace, even when friends or family voiced concerns. You will want support, both pre-op and post-op, even if you don’t get understanding. It’s usually your left kidney that is transplanted, and you can chose from laparoscopic or open surgery. I chose open surgery and proudly bear a 7″ scar on my left side. It’s a more difficult recovery than laparoscopic but surprisingly less prone to hernias. Some people recover relatively quickly and painlessly, some people get to use a nerve-blocker. I was not one of those people 😛 I’ve never had a regret and sometimes wish I could be the Oprah of kidneys. If you have more questions I’d be happy to answer them in a private message. Otherwise, blessings to you if you choose to move forward as an LKD.

  6. Lyn Hessels Lyn Hessels says:

    A living donor of what? That could be anything from Stem Cells, kidney, to blood.

  7. just ask selena gomez’s best friend haha

  8. depending on the kind of organ you are looking to donate. This is for kidneys, and they will match you with someone who has donated to share their experience

  9. I have not…and can’t be one. But I absolutely would if I could irregardless of the associated burdens. There’s no greater gift.

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