Appalled with Digital Link Inc.

We had a simple 2 computers, 1 server installation with Remote Server Access from Digital Link Inc.

We are appalled and in disbelief in the level of customer service that has been provided to us. This experience with the assigned Digital Link Inc. Technician, Sylvester, has been a colossal disappointment and wasted much of our valuable time undoing much of what he did and posed a huge risk to our personal and business information.

There was no conversation during the service that the labour hours were going to be grossly surpassed from the original estimate of 5-10 hours. There was no conversation at the 10 hour mark to get direction of what items were remaining, or if items could be deferred or deleted. In fact, we were surprised with an Invoice listing 24.5 hours of labour, almost 2.5x the estimate!

Right from the beginning there were hurtles of trust with the Digital Link Technician, Sylvester, assigned to our project. He insisted that we only email/call him and not to go around him to anyone else at Digital Link Inc. Sylvester screamed at our Telus Service Representative on the phone, embarrassing and scaring our staff, as well as endangering our business relationship with Telus.

We were clear from the Estimate stage that Digital Link Inc. was not to install any software other than Windows Pro. We are a drafting company and it is crucial that the appropriate and precise components of AutoCAD are installed on our systems that work with our environment. Sylvester not only installed Windows Home, but also completed the installation of the wrong version and components of AutoCAD and charged us for this time, which we had to correct ourselves.


During the installation for Remote Server Access, the Digital Link Technician, Sylvester, logged on to a free unsecured wifi from a McDonalds Restaurant. We have extremely confidential files on our systems and cannot risk having them exposed on an unsecured open wifi connection. This is not only unprofessional for a Computer IT company to practise but is also downright dangerous for our company’s confidentiality agreements with our Clients. Sylvester fumbled around with our account and got our Remote Server Access working, but, the next day when our staff arrived at work, found that none of the hardwired computers had access to the server any longer. Sylvester was called and undid all of the settings from the McDonalds session, which reset our hardwired computers. We have not had Remote Server Access since then. All of that risk and work for nothing, other than being billed for both of these sessions!

Overall, our new computer systems and server are adequate, but we are extremely dissatisfied and disappointed with the level of knowledge and customer service the Digital Link Technician, Sylvester provided us. We are simply blown away with how we were treated and how a IT company can stand behind the idea of using Mc Donald’s internet as an acceptable place to work on our confidential files



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  1. Ruth Beter Ruth Beter says:

    I would refuse to pay Sylvester from digital inc and I would hire a qualified IT technician to correct Sylvester’s mistakes and make digital pay for it all . If that doesn’t work, I would report him to the better business bureau and then get a lawyer to sue

  2. Contact Sirkit Ltd and ask for Michael. I work with a design company that works mainly with AutoCAD and these guys have been nothing less than great for my staff. As well they’re prices are great and they will not charge you anything without getting approval.

  3. I wouldn’t pay him

  4. Did you contact the owner of the business? Let them know you are unsatisfied… if yes, what was their solution? If no, don’t you think you should? This man is obviously not representing their company very well. Maybe the owners don’t know he is shady. Personally, I try to work stuff out with the company before going to the media as they may not know what is going on…

  5. Jay Retten Jay Retten says:

    Give us a call at RJ Systems Ltd., we would be happy to discuss your technology challenges and provide a better fit for your business.


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