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Apparently only fat women are disgusting

The hatred this so called man has for women is disgusting.

A fat lady must have laughed at his tiny dick!



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  1. FatPeopleStink says:

    I think all fat people are gross, lazy, touchy, whiney and useless. Fat people, gross.

  2. TxBx says:

    Cole Robinson is the creator of The Snake Diet which is fat loss through a fasting focused lifestyle. Salt water fasting to be exact. He isn’t selling anything, no magic pills or 6 week program beach body bs. His advise is free, it works, and it is supported by science.
    Yes, he likes to trigger people. He is very brutally honest. He does not hold back. I think people need to be more like him! Tell us what you really think! Do you have what it tales to stand up for something you believe in? He put himself in a dangerous position to male people think. When was the last time you did anything remotely similar?

  3. Fallon Paul Fallon Paul says:

    I hope and pray he never has a daughter , I showed a dietitian this diet and she just about had a fucking heart attack it is literally the worst thing for you it’s forcing your body into starvation mode eating your fat cells in an unhealthy way fasting should only be done for medical or religious reasons.

    • Lisa says:

      Then your dietitian needs to get up to date on her scientific facts. Fasting is one of the best things you can do for your body. Ever heard of autophagy? Probably not right? It’s only one of the most amazing discoveries ever made by. Novel prize was given out in 2016 for this discovery. While I don’t agree with him targeting WOMAN, he is only doing that to get all the fat people mad and make them dig further so that he can in fact HELP them. He charges NOTHING, and helps thousands of people to get the word out so that others can discover this amazing miraculous lifestyle that not only melts fat off, but also heals your body in ways western medicine can’t or makes it worse.

      Go down the rabbit hole of intermittent fasting, dry fasting, extended fasting. It’s been around for millions of years. And there is a reason for it!

  4. Fallon Paul Fallon Paul says:

    He’s a piece of shit

  5. Lisa Smith Lisa Smith says:

    This guy is just desperate for attention, don’t give it to him. It’s just worth it

  6. Graham Frost Graham Frost says:

    So this obvious troll makes a dumb sign for attention and this person wants him to lose his job?? After reading that I have no sympathy for you being offended by the sign. Fuck you, you dirtbag of a human. Its not against the law to look like a dumbass and say something stupid for attention.

  7. Rye Weskey Rye Weskey says:

    Lookit his partner abdu beenfilmin lol

  8. Gary Smith Gary Smith says:

    Why give the idiot air time? His opinions are valueless and below notice. Best solution is to make him invisible and then he can sell his snake oil elsewhere… No human deserves to be spoken to this way… ever!

  9. Lizzy Shaw did you see this?

  10. Kevin Ross Kevin Ross says:

    My guess is he is a YouTube as it looks like the whole thing was filmed….

  11. This guy is an asshole! Karma

  12. I think he probably lost a bet or something lol

  13. He is self employed… met him at the gym

  14. Eddie Belzil Eddie Belzil says:

    Needs a good old fashioned ass kicking.

  15. Sheena Jackson the one that makes you fat of course. The only reason to be fat. 🙂

  16. Also he ain’t giving shit for free you have to go out and buy all the products you need to make the snake juice

  17. That guy is a ASSHOLE from asshole planet

  18. He may not sell anything but the more views he get on youtube the more money he makes.

  19. Poor insecure little man.

  20. A friend of mine and I were talking about camping out in front of him to eat McDonald’s messily in his general vicinity. Not to say anything, just to stare at him and really lean into the grossness of it all.

    Best to leave the guy alone, honestly. He just wants attention and he’s simply not worth it.

  21. Nobody finds it funny a overweight woman shoving food in her face is cheering on a man telling women, not men, that they should stop eating and they are disgusting

  22. Oh it’s only cool when he attacks random women she supports. I do it and I’m a child lol

  23. Has that guy looked in the mirror??

  24. I’m surprised he hasn’t been shot yet

  25. Wondering if any of you thought about the fact that his wearing a provocative sign like this is highly indicative of someone who is filming a hidden camera video to get people’s responses? This appears to be a bait for input situation.
    If not, he’s just a stupid lowlife. Many reasons why a person is heavy, not just lack of control.
    He may want to control his douche’ baggery/reframe his approach if this was a shock for comments stunt.

  26. It’s ok people I found out where his mental instability comes from, poor guy can’t get it up

  27. Ashley Cragg Ashley Cragg says:

    Everyone is giving him exactly what he wants. Attention. It’s like that trash teenager on YouTube who makes videos just being disrespectful and racist. Everyone shares it and all it does is get him views.

  28. Shawn Silva Shawn Silva says:

    To the person that posted this and to all of you freaking out… do you know this man, have you spoken to him… his sign is distasteful as fuck but you are completely losing your shit instead of understanding why he does this. Knowledge is power and all of you online know it alls and self righteous hypocrites are just adding to more of the negative than the positive. Let’s fix your problems so we can help him fix his.

  29. I’ll go hang out there, ask him if he’s SO grossed out with me maybe he should help me lose the weight for free lol

  30. Oohh is he a fitness trainer and maybe since the economy is not the greatest he isnt making much money. So.. He’s doing anything possible to get customers.. Lol fucking stupid

  31. Ya well I’d like to show him how a fat chick can knock him the fuck out then I will get the attention. Duck this goof

  32. How is it not obvious that all this attention was exactly what he wanted? You’ve just made him way more popular. Again how was this not obvious?

  33. Lol this was in Edmonton?

  34. You guys are getting this guy all the attention he wants like stop feeding into it

  35. Bryce York Bryce York says:

    What are you complaint about ?
    This is a direct result of the UCP!
    It’s enabling people like this to express hate outwardly!
    They have no fear or shame in demonstrating their true feelings
    The shitty part is if he had a sign that said Homosexuals are gross
    Half of Alberta would agree

  36. Corry Borowic what? What exactly am I looking at men like?
    This post is about women and one asshole. If you could stop trying so hard to make this about yourself that’d be excellent, thanks.

  37. I say if none likes me for me then fuck them. Who gives a flying shit what anyone thinks. Only you know you. Love yourself


  38. WOWWWWW. DUDE. LIKE, are you aside from the most ignorant prick in the universe, fucking stupid as well? If you were put up to this, wow.

  39. Krista L. Zimmerman of course you look at men this way. I see it every day at the gym

  40. Sue Lewthwaite this is extraordinarily true and what I meant by internalized misogyny. And most people are completely blind to it.

  41. Hang on a second. If we were to be insulting to any other group it would be called hate speech and this guy is targeting and insulting women that are overweight, even with his insults this is now called free speech? I don’t know doesn’t sound right to me.

  42. Scott Moisan Scott Moisan says:

    Just looked at his “snake juice” diet crap thing.. I think this guy got his high sodium concoction from that other snake oil peddled Jillian Epperly who sells “Jilly juice”. This cole guy Also claims that his diet can “cure” everything from diabetes to herpes… what a toon

  43. Scott Gill Scott Gill says:

    Not that I am condoning fat shaming or his actions, but why do you then resort to penile shaming as his motive

    Does this mean shaming is OK in certain situations towards certain demographics?

  44. Gail Kohlman Gail Kohlman says:

    He’s targeting women, because we’re more overweight then men. His free advice has helped people all over the world lose weight, while curbing sugar and food addictions. Some (local) people, have lost 50-100lbs with his advice, and some will power.

  45. Krista L. Zimmerman you are correct with saying women value themselves on their looks, but society has taught them (us) to think that way as well. Women who fit into societies expectations get treated better than those who dont everyday day.

  46. Wow how rude! What is it his business anyways!

  47. Jeremy Dines Jeremy Dines says:

    This screams lost bet.

  48. Gail Kohlman or getting very sick . Not to mention living a lifestyle that is beyond unhealthy and not obtainable

  49. Traci Grams so are smiles but I don’t see this ass hat doing that

  50. Gail Kohlman Gail Kohlman says:

    Traci Grams …. that’s right, he doesn’t sell anything, and people all over the world have lost weight following his advice

  51. Anee Schulz Anee Schulz says:

    I didn’t read it either because my brain can’t process bullshit.

  52. Anee Schulz Anee Schulz says:

    I didn’t read it either because my brain can’t process bullshit.

  53. This guy just got an incredible amount of advertising for free.

    Nice work OP!!

  54. Jessica Gaydar really? What are you, 4?

  55. Jessica Gaydar really? What are you, 4?

  56. JJ Yung JJ Yung says:

    Angie Ransom you come in here trying to be the patron saint of bullying and acceptance, but you literally are doing the same thing as him. He makes fun of fatties, you make fun of short/baldies.

  57. Nicole Keats Nicole Keats says:

    Smart business man, heartless asshole, but smart business man.
    Cole – snake diet… has more publicity than any other diet for constantly doing BS like this. This isn’t his first awful sign, Nor is it the first time he’s behaved this way… it’s normal (for him) but I’ll tell you what, everyone went and posted about him and now everyone is blowing him up exactly how he hoped. I’ve seen more posts about this than anything else on Facebook the last two days. Exploiting him for being a dick just helps him people… he’s a self proclaimed asshole… he knows what he’s doing…

    If everyone would just stop sharing and posting about him it would be the best way to cut off the head of the snake – pun intended

  58. Satchel Ferrow medication can cause weight gain

  59. Alexandra Robertshaw unfortunately no. He is the creator of the snake juice diet and this is the crap he spews online and off all the time. He promoted body shame and starvation.

  60. Kelly says:

    He helps people drop weight and cure diseases. He literally helped a woman starve her brain cancer. No, not all bodies are beautiful. Most people want to be ripped and lean, not “healthy”. Healthy today is average/fat. Some people need harsh trush and Cole is a modern day philosopher.

  61. If you go to his page you see he his horrible. He even offered to pay for lbs lost if parents put kids on his starvation diet. His diet calls for things like no food for a week at a time. It also includes things like drinking borax.

    He is getting himself internet famous but he is a low life who preys on people’s insecurities.

  62. I am disgusted in this page for sharing this.

  63. Satchel Ferrow take your measles and leave Deidre Marie Goral alone

  64. Trish Down Trish Down says:

    It’s disgusting that people have become so shallow that they believe that physical appearance is that important. There’s a helluva lot more to everyone than meets the eye.

  65. Please don’t let him ever have a daughter.

  66. It keeps the perpetual cycle of abuse going as many people have put on the weight due to mental health, being called names, etc. I’ve seen a few people he’s worked with rebound to a worse state. It doesn’t address the root issues and is offensive to people slim and overweight.

  67. Not saying what he does to get people to lose weight is right… but.. I’ve watched so many videos of his I guess it kind of desensitized me to the shitty things he says.

    I’ve lost 70lbs and I’m confident now, still have a way to go but I won’t let what someone else says ruin that, destroy my confidence and the work I’ve put in so far.

    Stop letting other peoples words and opinions have control over you, do you! Only you are responsible for your reaction to this kind of thing.

  68. Kyle Brooks Kyle Brooks says:

    Stop giving this asshole attention

  69. Being overweight isnt always caused by overeating.

    • Chest Rockwell says:

      It’s the law of thermodynamics…the more energy you burn the more fuel you need yet if you’re a lazy sedentary person who consumes more fuel than they burn they become obese…a glandular problem is no excuse when you have healthy eating habits and regular exercise…these health issues can be managed and overcome with hard work

  70. Victoria Lange yes, it’s shocking how deeply women internalize their misogyny. We never look at overweight men this way. Women value themselves on their looks and it’s heartbreaking.

  71. Rabil Khan Rabil Khan says:

    You decided to glorify him by posting it here. Why even give him the attention, why even take it to heart?

  72. Traci Grams I’m sorry you don’t understand advertising. That must be hard. Facebook is technically free too.

  73. Don’t feed the trolls

  74. Amanda Assoignon Lol i feel for you. If you are following this ass hats “diet” i suggest you do some reading in human anatomy. Last time i checked we do not have the same digestive system or nutritional needs as a snake.

  75. Join YEG Body Image Babes. Were walking on Friday and showing that all body types are beautiful ❤️

  76. Tyler Seguin Tyler Seguin says:

    But who are we to judge anyone? People are all different and yes being excessively overweight carries its health concerns but so do a lot of other things we do in life. All I’m saying is if someone’s happy being who they are and in their own skin who are we to criticize? Build each other up don’t break each other down.

  77. I scrolled the instagram page and was shocked to see what was on there. 90% of the before photos of people were actually of a healthy weight and looked fine. The after photos, they were closer to the anorexic side of things and looked like they were lacking nutrition in their diet. It’s sad that these people struggle and feel they need this.

  78. Jenn im not balding . Anee doctors get 4 hours of nutrition training . Say what ?

    ”You’re not a doctor”

    I’m told weekly that somehow not being a doctor makes me unqualified to discuss the topics I do. So let’s clarify the difference between myself and a doctor….

    Doctors went to school to be told what to think and are indoctrinated.

    I’ve spent thousands of hours becoming a beacon of truth and information that is based on fact not propaganda and bias.

    Doctors make compensation (bonus money) poisoning people with vaccines, mammograms, putting people on medications and psychological evaluations.

    I have never made a dime educating people saving them from these agendas.

    Doctors are the third leading cause of death in the US every year.

    I’ve never killed anyone but have saved lives by waking people up to the dangers of the death care system.

    Doctors receive zero training on the truth about vaccines and instead are told what and when to give them.

    I’ve spent years studying the truth about the dangers of vaccination.

    Doctors know nothing about nutrition.

    I know everything begins and ends with nutrition.

    Doctors treat symptoms.

    I preach healing the root cause.

    Doctors see the human body as a machine with separate parts that should be treated independently.

    I see the body (mind and spirit) as an integrated whole.

    Doctors regurgitate lies about your genetics failing you.

    I talk about how your lifestyle was the real culprit.

    Doctors promote synthetic unnatural answers.

    I promote nature and natural options.

    Doctors don’t recognize the importance of toxicity in our bodies nor know how to boost the body’s own detoxification systems.

    I talk about toxicity and the importance of detoxing regularly.

    Doctors are controlled by the pharmaceutical industry.

    I’m not controlled by anyone.

    So what’s the difference between myself and a doctor? Thankfully quite a bit…..

  79. Anee Schulz Anee Schulz says:

    satchel are you a doctor? Because I think you are mistaken.

  80. Traci Grams Traci Grams says:

    He doesn’t sell anything though….. he gives it away for free.

  81. Dawn Tressie Dawn Tressie says:

    Why share this, it’s what he wants. This is what he does. You are giving him that advertisement and helping his following.

  82. Did no one see fit to kick his ass???

  83. Traci Grams Traci Grams says:

    Anyone know him??? That’s Cole Robinson …. creater of the Snake Juice Diet. Shock&Awe is his thing.

  84. Jenn Jerebic Jenn Jerebic says:

    Satchel Ferrow you can certainly fix your hair …. hair plugs ? Lol that’s practically growing it back

  85. says:

    What dumb ass! And the fact that he just targets women and only women is even worse! I hope nobody buys what ever he is selling and this dumb ass gets whats coming to him.

  86. Jenn Jerebic Jenn Jerebic says:

    Amanda Assoignon Lol are you on his diet ??

  87. Tim Jacklin Tim Jacklin says:

    Well they say there is no bad publicity and he sure is getting a lot of publicity. I never heard of the snake diet before.

  88. Nathan Higgers glad someone else noticed they decided to shame a body shamer, by body shaming

  89. When someone is compelled to speak out against something that is none of their business it says more about them than the person they are targeting. A billboard of his own insecurities around his neck.

  90. Deidre unless you have hyperthyroidism, theres no reason to be overweight.

  91. Thats the problem though, too much skin is required to cover the massive, fat body. It gets all stretched out and ugly. Can be easily avoided by not chugging enough food for 9 people every 4 hours.

  92. Sonya Larocque I guess this asshole is for real

  93. Oh the ignorance and cruelty. You know what is really disgusting? This “man.”

  94. Liz Large Liz Large says:

    I really wish I would’ve known at the time. I would’ve gotten a crap load of food an start munching in front of him , smacking my lips, eating loudly, showing my food from my mouth an smile. While oinking an squealing An annoy his loser ass. An I’d enjoy it. Haha probably also bring a sign that says balding small dick syndrome guy with a sign is gross. Lol

  95. Chari says:

    Right on Cole!!!! You got people talking , so your tactics work!!!! STOP EATING FATTY!!!!

  96. This idiot has a fb page called the snake diet … he’s a complete asshole. He was on the doctors a few months ago and they shamed his ignorance… he probably wants feee publicity… stop sharing this fool

  97. This guy did this before with another sign just as rude, i can’t remember what it said but if I find it I’ll post here. He’s just looking for attention, just a sad man with nothing better to do in his life then to cause grief

  98. hahahaha That is COLE !!!!! Founder of the Snake Diet!! Watch his videos online….

    • Jenn Jerebic Jenn Jerebic says:

      Andrea Martens we good he’s a loser. Body shaming to get sales.. awful and tackles. Clearly has no sales skills since he has to resort to this type of nonsense

    • Jenn Jerebic Jenn Jerebic says:

      Andrea Martens we good he’s a loser. Body shaming to get sales.. awful and tackles. Clearly has no sales skills since he has to resort to this type of nonsense

    • I am not promoting him, I am saying you wouldn’t be shocked if you have seen any of his videos etc. This is his go to tactic. That is why I recognized him right away!

    • I am not promoting him, I am saying you wouldn’t be shocked if you have seen any of his videos etc. This is his go to tactic. That is why I recognized him right away!

    • Andrea Martens they’d rather just remain “shocked and disgusted”.

    • Jenn Jerebic Jenn Jerebic says:

      Charlene Piche rather not feed into his bullshit actually. I refuse to go and looking into his bullshit product because of the way he presented himself too bad he has no education to realize people don’t respond to vicious and ruthless tactics to gain sales or attention… this man is a waste of skin and time and his family and mother should be ashamed of how he represents himself in public. Regardless of his intentions he’s a loser and pathetic. Karma will serve him when he’s alone on his death bed because of how shallow and ignorant this man is. He probably has no true relationships because he is truly unhappy with himself. It’s truly a shame this man has this thought process.

    • “Men don’t react, if I call a man fat they just go yeahhhh…. But call a woman fat and they react!”

    • Kevin Robarts says:

      I did. He’s a dick.

    • Jenn Jerebic the diet is free…he truly cares about people’s health not their feelings.
      Feeling are typically how people become overweight.

  99. My point is no one is perfect! Not even him with his ridiculous diet.
    But if alienating women is his jam than he isn’t someone I would ever give my business to anyway!

  100. This is appalling. Why is fat bashing still allowed? If this guy was wandering around with a sign slighting a religion or a racial minority, it would be front page news. If he is indeed trying to drum up business for his ‘snake diet’ (which, if you read up on it, is completely asinine), he needs a new public relations manager.

  101. Tracy Cole Tracy Cole says:

    This man should be arrested. Equality for all!

  102. Deidre Marie Goral cant grow hair back, but you can certainly lose weight….bud.

  103. Theres no reason to be fat

  104. Hope Baalam Hope Baalam says:

    he doesn’t hate fat people he hates himself

  105. Krista L. Zimmerman ^^^^^^ THIS^^^*^

  106. He’s the snake juice diet guy. Calm down.

  107. Negative attention is still attention.

  108. This guy has issues! Nothing wrong with women having meat on their bones. This is why so many young women have issues with weight. #stopbodyshammingwomen

  109. He’s some kind of fitness jackass. Trying to drum up business. Not a good way though

  110. Looks like Cole Robinson. Snake diet guy.

  111. Well it’s true, why shoot the messenger?
    And before you trolls start on me, note I am a Female and I am over weight and feel gross everyday! Im working on losing weight and its slowly going.

    • Sookie Corrigan wanting to change something about yourself is cool. We should all SUPPORT one another in our own choices.

      Insulting others to help motivate yourself? Weak and selfish.

      Allowing hateful misogyny to be internalized within yourself? Embarassing.

      Trying to force others to do what you want to do? Controlling and not a good way to build a support group or be a decent person.

    • Sookie Corrigan if this is the way you feel about yourself, it breaks my heart. Even if we do feel this way about ourselves, sometimes, it’s not okay for some idiot to stand on a road corner verbally abusing women. Your personal feelings, and mine, are just that. The reality is, having a higher fat ratio doesn’t make you disgusting. The reality is this guy is playing on your insecurities to sell products.
      Messengers like this deserve the theoretical shoot.

    • Sookie Corrigan inhave struggled with my weight all my life. I sunk so low and tried the snake diet. I felt worse. His use of gas lighting people, promoting starvation, yelling at people calling them names and now subjecting to this is more disgusting than being fat in my opinion. I got disgusting sick from it I ended up deficating blood, hair loss, so irritable, nausea and the list goes on. He is not a doctor or has any form of a medical degree. And it is rich him calling women fat when he himself has genital herpes

    • Sookie Corrigan inhave struggled with my weight all my life. I sunk so low and tried the snake diet. I felt worse. His use of gas lighting people, promoting starvation, yelling at people calling them names and now subjecting to this is more disgusting than being fat in my opinion. I got disgusting sick from it I ended up deficating blood, hair loss, so irritable, nausea and the list goes on. He is not a doctor or has any form of a medical degree. And it is rich him calling women fat when he himself has genital herpes

    • Patrick Jean Patrick Jean says:

      Sookie Corrigan change your mind not you’re body! Science says body size is not an indicator of health!

    • Herpes, really. Its not like 98% of the population has that, most people don’t show signs at all and just carry it. You too might have herpes and don’t even know it.

    • Herpes, really. Its not like 98% of the population has that, most people don’t show signs at all and just carry it. You too might have herpes and don’t even know it.

    • Reminder.
      There are MUCH worse things one can be then Fat.
      Keep working on you because you want to not because society tells you you should look a certain way.
      Heath and body weight are not combined, to be healthy is much more then a thin body.

    • Jolene Winters ❤️❤️^^^^THIS^^^^^❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Gail Kohlman Gail Kohlman says:

      Sookie Corrigan …. I’m with you there, but I’ve started to follow his “free advice” and with a little will power, I’ve lost 10lbs in 4days

    • Gail Kohlman the second you eat or want to have food, trust me you will gain it all back!!

  112. Stupid, uneducated men are gross too! You don’t see women protesting them on the streets!

  113. Lots of women are disgusting for other reasons too.

  114. Is that Cole Robinson? Snake Diet guy?

  115. Lisa Whelan Lisa Whelan says:

    Obviously this guy has mental problems…. lol #dontfeedthetrolls

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