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First off, I’d like to say no hate. If you can’t be kind don’t reply.

I need to apply for AISH, as I can not work. I get child support in a small amount each month, as per an agreement. On the government website, it states, a person MAY be eligible for child support and other programs (like child tax, I’m guessing). Can someone tell me how that part would work?

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  1. Well how old is your kid because in the hospital when your kids born they make you fill out the child tax child registration Alberta health registration a birth certificate registration for your child. So my assumption is that you’ve already got all these benefits and you’re already receiving maintenance so what will happen is they will open up a maintenance file and collect the money directly from the father and you will not see the money anymore because they will pay for you for your child and collect from him. And of he doesn’t pay they have ways to garnish him yadda yadda yadda

    • Maja Black Maja Black says:

      You don’t have to go to mep. That is only if the paying parent isn’t paying. Also family income may have been too high to receive child tax prior to this.

  2. Lori Balmer Lori Balmer says:

    I got money from maintenance ,and also child tax ,plus they gave me a extra 100 but things probably changed since back then,it’s a lot of paper work ,goodluck takes along time to get

  3. You will get $1588 plus $100/each eligible child plus child tax. I am not 100% sure about the child support and how that works. As a family unit you will be able to work up to a certain amount before they touch your base amount.

  4. They will not deduct your child tax. If have child support in place already you don’t need to worry

  5. From talking to other people who are in process of apply or have applied and are receiving, the process for AISH is long and hard. Apparently unless specific type of case everyone gets reject first go around and you have to keep apply. Many get frustrated because of the process.I also was told it a year for the paperwork to go through the proper channels.

  6. The child support you receive is not deducted at all. So you keep your full AISH benefits AND your child support AND Canada child tax and whatever other tax rebate stuff you’re eligible for.

    If you were on Alberta Works (which you can apply for while you wait for AISH to make a decision on your application) any child support you receive will be deducted from the amount you would be eligible for from Alberta Works.

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