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Are Speeding RCMP exempt from traffic laws?

I’m just wondering if someone can tell me what the rules are for RCMP and speeding?
Today on Hwy 16, a ghost car passed me with no lights or sirens and he must have been going 140 at least as I was going 120 and he just flew past me. When I saw him a short time later, he was just sitting in the median waiting for speeders. Now, sure, maybe he was on his way to a call, but with crappy road conditions and no lights to alert other drivers of his presence isn’t that extremely dangerous?

What protocol is in place for civilian protection? I can see if there’s a call where they need to not bring attention to themselves by turning on the sirens, but shouldn’t they have their lights on?
Can someone enlighten me as I’m just curious why time and time again I see this on the highway and honestly, it’s mind boggling as to why they feel they can speed so fast and yet hand out tickets to others speeding, but at lower speeds then them.



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  1. Chris Cooke Chris Cooke says:

    Technically the only emergency vehicle allowed to go through red without stopping have completely red lights ie fire and ambulance

  2. Ali C-f Ali C-f says:

    I don’t think the poster was off on their question. They did acknowledge and understand the reason they may not have lights or sirens on due to them needing to be stealthy. It’s an honest question I believe.

    When I read this, I immediately thought of the two little boys who were killed in Edmonton at 127st and the yellowhead, years ago because the cop didn’t have his lights or sirens on while in a high speed car pursuit.

    I drive with my children in the car each day and am always aware of what’s around, however someone, anyone travelling at way higher speeds than posted, is always a concern as a parent and a driver.

    Us as drivers are also told to alert the authorities about drunk drivers, excessive speeders ect. If we are told to report those, what’s to say drivers shouldn’t question officer actions. We all have the same laws in place.

    I don’t feel personally like anyone can really cast stones at someone going 10km over the speed limit, as the poster admits, as I’m sure everyone who drives has done it one time or another for whatever reason. Yes, any kind of speeding is dangerous and it doesn’t matter who’s doing it, stupid person, someone late to work or maybe an officer (?). Yes, we may not know the reason of an officer but responding to one call shouldn’t become a priority over many other lives.

    I think what the poster was after was clarity on something they witnessed.

    As a side note, today I did see a ghost car pass myself at what I would deem as a high speed, (as I was going the limit) and get stuck behind someone in the passing lane. They didn’t use their lights or sirens to signal “get out of the way” and stayed stuck behind them for quite a bit, only to again fly down the road.

    No, I don’t have a radar gun, and I would like to believe in our enforcement officers, but it was clear in this instance, they were going quite fast. I think in an instance of high importance they would have alerted the car in front to move out of the way.

    I don’t see anything wrong with this poster just trying to gain information about what is expected of our law enforcement when we all share the roads and we should all be concerned about safety.
    Just saying

  3. Ummmmm you were also speeding so wtf you talikin about? I’d worry more in residential areas where kids play…. I’ve seen 2 different high speed chases in residential areas as I walking to pick my kid up….. that worries me…..

  4. So you saw a ghost…… when you were on the highway…. in broad day light….. I call bullshit

  5. Let me ask this…..if you were dealing with a crime, say an armed home invasion ….
    Would you want the police to follow the traffic laws or would you want them to get there ASAP and fuck the traffic laws? I think some people need to remember that police officers CHOOSE to be the people to come when others need help. They literally put their lives in danger for the sake of others. So instead of criticizing them, maybe thank them for keeping you safety. And OP, just a hint….maybe don’t post about someone doing something you don’t like WHEN YOU ARE DOING THE SAME THING!!!! Just a thought

  6. The speed limit is 100-110 on hwy 16. You admitted to speeding yourself. Please take a seat

  7. It’s not your job to police other cars. Even if it wasn’t a ghost car. Doesn’t matter. What are you going to do if they are breaking the law?

  8. Lyn Hessels Lyn Hessels says:

    I know the Traffic Safety Act allows Peace officers to speed or run lights without using their lights OR sirens. I don’t see why city Police or RCMP would be held to a “higher” standard. Having said that though .. I would assume for public safety it would be a requirement unless they are headed to an incident that requires a little stealth.

  9. I wish I was exempt from reading posts like this.

  10. RCMP and police do this all the time. I’ve followed police doing 120 and they actually stopped and then pulled me over for speeding. They are kinda fucked like that. Power goes to people’s head and they feel entitled to do what they want.

  11. Get a dash cam. I live down the street from a police station which the speed limit is 30km/hr. I don’t thing the speed limit should be 30km/hr on this street but I still follow the restriction. Police cars and ETS buses are the primary offenders.

    • Julia Bryce Julia Bryce says:

      Carmen Shewchuk-Venner same in my neighbourhood…zones of 30 and 40 km, but taxis, ets and police cars fly on by

    • In the summer I’m considering sitting out there on a lawn chair and filming each vehicle that goes by. I figure if I drive the road first at the posted speed limit and have someone else film it first the you should be able to count how many seconds it takes between lamp posts. Then compare to the other vehicles and how long it takes them to get between lamp posts.

  12. Shawna Jones Shawna Jones says:

    The cops laws and courts make cops untouchable. Remember that woman who was killed by a speeding police officer many years ago? The officer did not have his siren or lights on. He smashed into a vehicle and killed the woman. He was found to be acting within his role of a police officer, he was only chasing a burglar not a murderer, and he was let go. Justice was never served to the murdered woman and her family.

  13. Hell, I would be sitting at a red light, the cops would put there lights on and go through. I thought to myself, “ahh – dinner break time for him”. I happened to know where they were heading because I was heading to the same place. Sure enough, 5 minutes later, I arrived at the same restaurant and there was the same police car. They would do that day after day.
    And if you’re wondering how I knew where he was going, I drove taxi then and taxi drivers ate there as well around the same time the cops did.

  14. Good to know, maybe tag the EPS and see if they’ll reply. I would like to know as well

  15. So a speeder complaining about a cop speeding how ironic.

  16. The police do as they please as far as I’m concerned. Like “do as I say, not as I do” type thing. It’s bullshit

    • Jennifer Broadhead until you need their help…

    • Tanya Zahaylo I have needed thier help. More than once. I’ve called fearing for my life and my children’s lives more than once…. I would love to say that they helped but they didn’t. Out of 5 times in the last 4 years, they actually helped once. And before you go wondering what horrible life I must lead… I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs, I left an abusive ex in 2015. He still chooses to make bad decisions.

  17. lol all the people defending cops. They are cops, the biggest gang of them all. There may be rules in place, I don’t know exactly but even if who’s going to enforce them? Sure as hell won’t be the cops themselves.

  18. Why were you going 120 if the road conditions were poor?

  19. Pigs do what they want.

  20. If you feel the need to question their service that is your right.. safety is very important..

  21. Cameron Lenz Cameron Lenz says:

    I move in front of the stupid fucks, I don’t care I’ll let them smash me just to fuck with em I never let them past me fuck em they will go around if they want

  22. And you were going 120 in bad conditions ? The truth is you do not know why they went past you at 140 or what they were actually there to do.

  23. Their spouses are exempt too

  24. This week on Monday at the Anthony Henday. I saw 2 cars without lights . I find that very dangerous for them and for everyone.

  25. I once watched an RCMP member on his laptop in a parking lot blow through a stop sign and hit a lady in a parking lot cross walk. Luckily the speed was very low so she was not injured at all. I called to report it and was told that the distracted laws dont apply to them but they would “look into it”. Nothing was ever done. Simply put “the rules dont apply to them”

  26. Maybe they can’t have their sirens and lights blazing to protect someone who is in trouble. You don’t know what’s going on. You don’t know he was waiting for “speeders” maybe he was waiting to follow someone.

  27. Kim Phelps Kim Phelps says:

    2 of my close friends were killed by a rcmp member because he was speeding excessively with no lights and no sirens while in pursuit of a suspected drunk driver. There was an inquiry into the incident and he was acquitted and then transfered to another city…so there is your answer im afraid to say…they can do what ever they want.

  28. Technically unless they are going to a call they are to obey traffic laws as well.

  29. Shelley Lohr Shelley Lohr says:

    Why does it matter to you?

  30. Do you have a radar gun on board?
    Innocent until proven guilty right.

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