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Are you iPhone or Android?… or other?… or none?!

So I’m an Android user, and have been for about 5 or so years. I had an iPhone 4 way back when, and before that I was Android too… I’ve always loved the customizability of Android, and it stuck with me that Apple was trying too hard to get people to use their software and their hardware only; which is the biggest turn off.

If you’re an Apple user, can I ask why? Is it because it’s just.. easier to understand; more simple? Or do you like what Apple is doing? Their phones are usually nothing special, and years behind in technological advancement.

Anyway, just wondering what all of your thoughts were when it comes to today’s smartphones.

Also, do you know someone that doesn’t have a smartphone at all in 2019??



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  1. Android! Always when I have had to use an iphone due to my dog dropping and breaking my phone I hated it. I love how you can do anything so easily with an android (customize it, download music, make ringtones) all which take 10x longer or cant be done with an iphone!!! Android all the way! iPhones are to basic and plain!

  2. Apples are for pie and turnovers,

  3. Lori Lynn Lori Lynn says:

    Love my Huawei P20 pro. Camera is amazing. I’ve always preferred Android and how customizable it is. Plus I don’t think I’ve ever paid for an app.
    I love the extra space available with an internal micro SD card. My phone itself is 128 GB internal memory. Most iPhone users I know only have 32 or 64GB internal memory and have to use the cloud which I am not a fan of.
    My mom has a flip phone. Works good for her needs.

  4. Was iPhone for years left 5 years ago will never go back

  5. I went Android after being an apple user. I’ll never go back.

  6. Dow Hocken Dow Hocken says:

    Sarah Ashley Critchley just blocked me because I disagreed with her about her precious little iPhone….

  7. Bill Howatt Bill Howatt says:

    Apple. Ease of use and they last forever.

  8. I have an I phone now and the camera is crap honestly
    Miss my android

  9. Ric Hard Ric Hard says:

    I have both and prefer Apple for personal and Droid for business.

  10. Ruth Edwards Ruth Edwards says:

    I don’t use a phone. Neither do my husband or son. I have an iPod for the Internet. So far we don’t need one.

  11. Iphone because it’s easier to use and i hate the android charger, which loosens and stops charging.

  12. Rachel Hart Rachel Hart says:

    I’m an Apple user it started off just because it was so easy to use and now part of it is that I have all kinds of apps and stuff connected with Apple so it’s just easier to stay with Apple.

  13. And the animated emoji

  14. I use apple and my wife use android .. I just think that iMessage is cool

  15. I have a iPhone because my older family members have iPhones. Not only is it a easy operating system for older people but if they screw up something I know how to fix it. Also FaceTime less data used up when you FaceTime with someone.
    Also if someone younger has a itouch but no data as long as they are near wifi they can get iMessages from you

  16. I like iPhone. I find androids break too easily.

  17. Dow Hocken Dow Hocken says:

    Android user here. iPhone sucks!

  18. Apple respects privacy. Their hardware and software always work with each other and aren’t fragmented like android. Regular updates. Apps are usually more polished and better on iOS. I miss the tinkering with android but iOS is just a better quality experience.

  19. Google pixel. Best camera ever. Always had Android after my iPhone 3 died and I lost everything. Never iPhone again. Not to mention there’s so much more u can do with Android and they’re compatible with almost anything. I’m not a fan of apple products only working with apple products.

  20. Kate Ward Kate Ward says:

    I prefer Android. Apple is just too proprietary for me.

  21. Android. iPhones are too delicate and apple pushes too hard for you to use only their stuff

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