Are you missing your photos?

I picked up an online order from the Costco photo lab (91st street) on Thursday evening. My name was on the envelope but I didn’t open up the envelope until this morning. Instead of my pictures, the pictures in the envelope were pictures of another family. They are obviously professionally done and I’d like to return them to their correct owners if possible.

There are 6 pictures, 2 copies of each (all 5 x 7s). The pictures are of a couple and their three daughters. Both parents have brown hair – one of their daughters has brown hair, one is blonde, and one is a baby who doesn’t have much hair. The pictures are:
1. A close up of the husband and wife together
2. A family picture of all five of them
3. A close up of the brown haired girl – looks to be around 5 or so years old, missing teeth
4. A close up of the blonde girl
5. A close up of the baby
6. A picture of the 3 kids all sitting together.

If you recently ordered pictures through Costco and were supposed to pick them up at the South Edmonton Costco and this sounds like your order – please respond to this post, I’m not sure what to do with the photos and I’d like to get them back where they belong.



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  1. take them back to the store!!!

  2. Taking them back to Costco might be a good start.

  3. Susan Taylor Susan Taylor says:

    Return them to Costco! That’s the best way to get them to the owner.

  4. Adam Dee Adam Dee says:

    Take them back to Costco. Why would you do anything else? Like obviously if you got someone else’s photos someone else got yours… Honestly, WHY would you make this post instead of just doing that?? It’s pretty common sense…

  5. Tim Jacklin Tim Jacklin says:

    It makes them feel better i guess.

  6. Jocelyn Bear Jocelyn Bear says:

    If you take them back to Costco 100% you’ll find the owners. Not trying to be rude but how was that not your first thought?

  7. Kim Fulmer Kim Fulmer says:

    Because people are dicks! Lol

  8. Pat Walchuk Pat Walchuk says:

    Wow! After seeing the comments that people have put on here, it just re-affirms why I don’t post anything. There are some really rude people on here who appear to make themselves feel a whole lot better by jumping down people’s throats with their rude and uncalled for remarks. Whatever happened to being nice and polite to others? Yes, it would be a good idea to take them back to Costco but there is absolutely no need to be so darned rude in the way you respond. At least the person who found them is trying to do the right thing by trying to find the rightful owners which he/she didn’t have to do.

  9. Take them back to Costco.

  10. Lol the other day I was at Walmart and found a little boys boot in the dairy section. I doubt I would’ve found the owner if I’d have come home and posted on here. Instead I took it to Customer Service and then hunted the store looking for a child with one boot missing. Guess what I found the Mom who had gone to Customer service before me. She was very grateful I went out of my way.
    Return to Costco asap as the owner is probably waiting for them and maybe next time look at the photos before you leave lol

  11. Ally Cure Ally Cure' says:

    Holy people are rude! Good for you for posting and I hope you find the owners! You’re a good person! ❤️❤️

  12. Jean Freeman Jean Freeman says:

    Agree with Pat. “Not trying to be rude” but why so judgemental?

  13. Take them back to Costco!

  14. Take them back to Costco.

  15. I know there was a time when I live out of town and visited Costco once a month. I would of been a lot more likely to see this online than to have gone back to Costco looking for pictures. IF I’d even gone to Costco to get my pictures yet.

  16. Tre Hack Tre Hack says:

    Majority of these comments are not rude at all.

  17. Is this one of them? If so they belong to Knut Johansen Willier

  18. Shawna Perez Shawna Perez says:

    Can’t you return them to Costco?

  19. Nice gesture you trying to find the owner..Forget the naysayers wow everyone is so uptight. Just chill out. I am going to blame it on the damn cold weather. 🙂

  20. Betty Jean Betty Jean says:

    Take them baxk to costco


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