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The government just released that teachers will no longer have input into the curriculum.

That’s devastating for everyone! You really going to trust a government with no education background is capable of writing a curriculum that will benefit the students? Wrong, it won’t. You wouldn’t trust a lawyer to write a textbook for a doctor would you? Would you trust a dentist to write a manual for a car? No, you would hope it was written with input of several doctors or mechanics! Why? Because they went to school in that area, they are experience in that subject matter. So why are trusting our government full of people with no teaching background to write the curriculum? It needs input from teacher!

People who went to school to study the latest advances in teaching, continue to educate themselves in what works and what doesn’t. This is a sad day for Alberta students!



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  1. Guess all the government doesn’t give two shits about their daughters or sons education

  2. Colton Power Colton Power says:

    Can verify 100% that our school curriculums are extremely out dated. I took an AP social course, and I still learned more about the world around me from watching YouTube videos. I learned about how the world functioned 20 years ago. But not anything useful for today’s world. And that stuff that I was taught about today’s world, wasn’t actually in the curriculum , and wasn’t supposed to be taught. But yeah, we need to learn how to write fancy again. Give me a fucking break. No wonder the people of this province are so fucking stupid.

  3. To all these ppl screaming aboit the “getting back to basics”. Ya becuase u learned the basics soooo well right? LOL from what i can tell most of you still Never learnt the basics, in anything !

  4. Anyone who thought a childless lifelong bachelor/ college dropout would care about our children or their education were confused. Premier Fairy Farts is concerned only with his corporate backers and his government paycheck

  5. It would be good if the curriculum could get back to the basics like teaching cursive writing. And regardless of what changes are made, if some of the students don’t get the in school support that they need no amount of changing the curriculum will help these children.

  6. The ATA and teachers are 2 different things. Learn how to read.

  7. NDP Fear mongering again!!!

  8. CM Trudeau CM Trudeau says:

    Grateful to get rid of any attempt of indroctonation by the corrupt NDP.

  9. More fear mongering from a a group of people who do not understand what consult means. The why for this change – because it is too restrictive and they wanted a better one.
    Love how people deliberately mislead

  10. Mah Dehaan Mah Dehaan says:

    Thanks voters!! Screw the kids first.

  11. Agree , pushing Gender , Climate Hoax , I’m Offended , Calling Racist To Get Attention .GET BACK TO THE BASICS AND GET RID OF ALL THE OTHER DISTRACTION .

  12. Not now… who ta hell doesn’t take in-tell from the front line? *SMH*

  13. Nicola Robak Nicola Robak says:

    youd rather socialist indoctrination

  14. If teacher’s don’t have say,,,,,exactly who does? The government doesn’t know how to take care of their own business,

  15. Andrew Gregg Andrew Gregg says:

    Yet we were supposed to trust the NDP when they messed with the curriculum?

  16. I’m so thankful my children will not have to endure the terrible curriculum the NDP were trying to push on to them.

  17. Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

    I have no faith in this government whatsoever….and teachers should only be teaching … AND NOT getting children involved into gay lesbian matters and not telling parents

  18. It’s another reason I am proud I did not vote for this corrupt government

  19. Stacy Cripps Stacy Cripps says:

    Considering the Premier has little to no post secondary education. Teaching should be up to the teachers.

  20. After seeing how they handle IEP’s I’m good letting non union come in.

  21. Dario Tomada Dario Tomada says:

    The same teachers that spread propaganda/opinions last election? Why are my kids coming home spewing Notley garbage? Is that their job? Dis anyone ask that teacher profess unions to our kids? Stick to the curriculum and quit trying to drive the bus, it isn’t your job.

  22. Kiernan Burr Kiernan Burr says:

    Conservatives have no use for the educated. They just want stupid people to vote against their interests, and reward pork barrel politics and enrich the corporate shareholders.

  23. Why don’t you get the story straight before you start fear mongering.

    Teachers along with other STAKEHOLDERS – Professionals and SMEs will be consulted.

  24. Sam Douglas Sam Douglas says:

    You mean activist teachers, indoctrinated by postmodern neomarxist university professors, won’t be allowed to spread their nonsense to the next generation? Fine by me.

  25. How is an anonymous post going to benefit?
    If you are concerned, get involved. I don’t know where/how personally but I am sure so many people can make a group or forum, look into education budgets and requirements, talk to teachers etc.
    My grandma used to say – you can be mad or you can try finding a solution

  26. Lynn Meger Lynn Meger says:

    You do know what advisors are yes? AND if you’d bothered to read the articles that came out, it said that they tore up the EXISTING agreement because it was too restrictive and that they wouldn’t be opposed to the idea of a new agreement being made

  27. Dario Tomada Dario Tomada says:

    oh like those teachers that came up with this new math? smh

  28. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    Some of these long posts are kind of obsessive. If you want your kid yo learn things they don’t teach in school find a group/club that teaches it, or teach them yourself. For years people have taken kids to extra classes if wanted or needed, that is on you to do.

  29. This has nothing to do about politics. No one knows what is needed better than someone involved in it. Quit being so narrow minded. Think about what is best for the your kids.

  30. TL;DR, That’s right, you anonymously tell them

  31. This is more about the unions knowing that the NDP were their gravy train and that has ended.

  32. Tom Edward Tom Edward says:

    Stick to the curriculum

  33. Your team lost now shut up.

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