Assulted by a coworker

I kept this secret since I was 15, working at the now defunct Cliffs IGA
There was a produce manager, Italian man if I’m not mistaken. He use to corner me in the office and at the lockers, force his fingers in me and threatened that if I told anyone , he would make sure I’d pay the price. I was scared, nieve and as wrong as I knew it was , I didn’t know who to turn to . I was a loner, I only had my mom and dad who I couldn’t trust and I was scared to tell anyone …. I’m now 38, I’ve held this secret in for years and it’s time to speak up. Because of this pervert, I’ve been unable to keep a job, friends and have no trust in men. This guy messed me up. And as hard as I’ve tried to regain a sense of trust and normality, reality is I’ll never have that. I was 15!! I hadn’t even kissed a guy let alone have one touch me ! He took my soul and I wish like hell I had told someone instead of waiting 23 years to say it this way


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  1. Contact SACE, the Sexual Assault Centre Edmonton. They will help you. They will support you. They have access to the resources you need. And I think they can explain and help you with approaching the police. They will be incredibly compassionate and empathic to what you are going through. That’s their sole purpose

  2. Jen Pratt Jen Pratt says:

    Rita Greer Nice sociopathic behaviour.

  3. I waited until I was 26 to make a report to the Police about an assault when I was 6 years old. Guess what? He’s been charged numerous times for the same thing. This sicko likely never stopped and you’re likely not the only one. Think about putting in an official report. Xo

  4. Lois Sunley Lois Sunley says:

    please get some help for you … important so you can live your life … best of luck it is work but you can do it you are worth it

  5. Graham Frost Graham Frost says:

    What fucking bullshit.

  6. Landmark Cinemas of Canada when I was around 15. My boss Kevin Graham drove me home. His fiancée was away and he asked if I wanted to stop into his house because he had cool video games. He plied me with alcohol and raped me. When I told my mom, she blackmailed him for money. There’s a lot of douche bags out there. Sorry that happened to you. So brave of you to tell your story. ❤

  7. Becky Betts Becky Betts says:

    Look in to what happens when you report before reporting because I know a whole ton of people who regret ever doing so. It’s not a matter of protecting other people or supporting other people’s cases. It’s about you. Do what you need to do to heal. Forget every one else. You don’t owe anybody a damn thing. You didn’t choose for this to happen, so your only responsibility is to yourself.

    SACE has an amazing program for survivors. It is absolutely free of charge. I recommend calling them.

    Please know that you are not alone. I believe you. And it’s okay to not be okay. ❤

  8. Please seek help hun! I’m so sorry that you had to live this long with this horrible secret. There are so many resources for you, reach out! It’s never ever too late.

  9. This is devastating but you have power and control you have taken the first step and look at all the support you are getting and good solid advice you can have healthy relationships and be strong you will overcome this you have taken the first step god bless you and help you

  10. Good for u for sharing your story. Their is relief in just that. He probably has other victims. Reporting to police is really your first step

  11. Irene Bakker Irene Bakker says:

    It definitely ruins everything any interaction with relationships etc and creates anxiety nightmares that never go away because you were told if you say anything you gonna get it

  12. Please note there is no statute of limitations and if you feel this would bring you closer to healing, report it to the police.

    I hope you find a helpful therapist or counsellor to help you through your healing journey. I am sorry friends and family haven’t been able to help you through it. With time and help, one day you will feel more like the person you want and need to be. I have faith in you that you can find a way to heal! This is a hard thing to reveal, even with anonymity. You had the courage to do this, so please take that to move through the journey.

    You can pm me if you would like. I also highly recommended SACE services. You are not alone! You don’t have to suffer alone anymore!

  13. Damn, I’m so sorry this happened to you. Felt like my grandmother telling me her residential school stories all over again when the priests would rape her and the nuns would make her perform sexual acts on them.. but she was 6 years old and happened to her growing up until she was 16. I honestly hope you find help as where my grandmother had no one to turn to either.. booze and drugs were how she coped and racism was just the beginning of her long road.. she had kids and ended up finding love and comfort in her kids and began a sober life for them. I believe that if coucilling doesn’t help which my grandma tried to do , maybe being around kids. But people are different ♡ , I hope you find your comfort again. It takes years I know, glad you’re talking about it now ♡

  14. Please seek out a therapist. You are worth the world girl. You can still report this incident regardless.
    You are strong and you can and will get through this. Im so sorry you felt the need to keep this secret and even more sorry that you endured this abuse.

  15. Thankyou for sharing. I’m so sorry you were assaulted in sucha awful way . I hope that this maybe be a small stepping stone to your healing

  16. If you can please report him now because I assure you that you are probably not the only one he did that too and he may still be doing it now.

  17. So sad and angry this happened to you. POS will get the proper karma he deserves if it hasn’t happened already. I promise. The Sisters of Fate are always watching.

  18. SACE – Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton has highly trained professionals who can help you heal. Please reach out to their anonymous 24/7 crisis line. They are there to listen, even if you can’t find the words.

  19. Kevin Barry Kevin Barry says:

    This is so sad, I think the negative comments are down to the false accusations that were directed at Judge Kavanaugh. Dr Ford has made it more difficult for victims to come forward.
    You should definitely get some counseling and also seek legal advice.

    • Kevin Barry why do. you tell a victim to get help while saying that another victim of sexual assault is false. You need to educate your self

    • Kevin Barry Kevin Barry says:

      If you reread my comment I’m explaining why the OP is receiving negative comments. I consider my comment to be positive and I’m encouraging him/her to not only seek counselling but legal advice.
      As for me educating myself, please reread your reply….

    • Kate Ward Kate Ward says:

      It wasn’t Dr. Ford that made false accusations against Kavanaugh. It was Ms. Munro-Leighton who admitted to lying. I’m sorry that you don’t see why calling out someone who came forward many years later as part of the problem, whilst in the same breath telling the OP to seek legal advice for something similar is an issue.

    • Kevin Barry Kevin Barry says:

      Kate Ward I never accused Dr Ford of lying, the 3 other women accusers have admitted to lying regarding the judge and that’s why the OP has received negative comments.
      My point is she shouldn’t be put off going to a lawyer due to the circus south of the border.

    • Kevin Barry you literally said Dr Ford made it harder for victims. Just stop. The only negative comment here i yours Your arrogance and ignorance are not helping anything.

    • Emily Kuntz Emily Kuntz says:

      What a fucking piece of trash Kevin is

    • Kevin Barry Kevin Barry says:

      Nicole Wetsch I’d say your comment is pretty negative. What my Dr Ford comment was referring to was the whole Dr Ford trial/saga and not Dr Ford herself. As for your personal cutting comments, just stop. Ignorant and arrogant? I think you should look in the mirror……

  20. Pat Pederson Pat Pederson says:

    WHAT A CREEP!!!! I’m so glad your telling , you are stronger than you know,,, peace,,,,,

  21. Amanda Colp Amanda Colp says:

    Aww hun. He didnt steal ur soul he condemned his. It not ur fault and need to heal. I have a dark past aswell but I refuse to let these fuckers win. Feel free to message me.

  22. I’m so sorry you were assaulted like this! Get counselling, discover that he does NOT get to control you for the rest of your life. Your self worth should never be set by someone else’s actions. I’m just so sorry!

  23. I’m sorry this happened to you but every single day you do not live life, he wins. Do not let him ruin one more day of your life. You deserve peace, love and someone to share your life with. You must reach out and get help. It will never go away but you can learn to live without shame, guilt and fear. And I only say guilt b/c victims always blame themselves…should have spoke up sooner, should have gotten help sooner…etc etc. You are only responsible for now…do not let this control even one more day!

  24. Sigh. Someones 38 and looking for a payday

    • Brenda Wagner exactly. This lady touched me when I was 12. Prove me wrong .

    • I’m Fu$&ing horrified at these two comments!

    • Tania McDonald at least you got the $$ right toots.

    • Ugh you troll. Only a POS would read between those lines of her unloading the only way she knows how to right now, and see it as some form of money grab. Not once did the OP mention ANY kind of retribution. They didn’t even ask “what should I do” for Christ’s sake.

    • Tania McDonald facts arent trolling . Sorry doll. Highly highly doubt this happened.

    • If she was looking for a pay day she would not be posting it anonymously. It’s sad when someone can’t empathise with someone else because they refuse to put themselves in the other person’s shoes.

      I have to chalk you up to being a troll because it’s hard to believe people can be so insensitive. I hope that whatever is going wrong for you in your life turns around. Have a better day)

    • Erin McCormack nothing actually. Lifes amazing because Im in control of it and make it that way. I dont need to post my sob wolf crying stories online .

    • Amanda Colp Amanda Colp says:

      Wow ur disgusting piece of shit. She venting and coming out its not like shes getting anything out of it other than finaly getting it out and find other who also been in the same spot and support. Thx for adding to the rape culture and y women and men dont report… shit like this happends all the time and the chance of them faking is so so low but u fucks deny it hate to break the truth out but it does happen all the fucking time cause people r creeps and get away with it and some even think it’s ok when its not… ur probably someone who’s guilt of assault like this…

    • How about if it is truth Satchel? How about if this has really emotionally scarred her. You may not think it happened and that is your right to think it. Still if it did happen she should report it and they can investigate and decide. Sometimes women are afraid to come forward for whatever reason. Shame, not feeling like she had support at home, broken home, who knows but it is not fair to say that it’s all for a payout.

    • Satchel Ferrow doll? Jesus the fact that you probably interchange that with “babe” to all “chicks” says enough about you. Just know that I have enough men in my life who know how to respect women and THAT is what I’ll teach my children to look for and be! So it’ll balances jerks like you. Also, it doesn’t matter if this truly happened or not, I will still show support so that the world knows I’m not a disrespectful dick like you. You probably think it’s ok for men to rape passed out women, or that rapists just “made a mistake”. Go crawl into your hole.

    • Satchel Ferrow are u the Italian guy???

    • Robyn Jewell Robyn Jewell says:

      No but I bet he’s assaulted someone with that attitude

  25. Report it to police and ask for sexual assault victims services and supports. Get counselling through Victims Services. I’m sorry this bstrd did this to you.

    • Adam Dee Adam Dee says:

      Macsen Simmons I hate to say it and as bad as it sounds, reporting to police won’t do a damn thing. They won’t use resources to investigate a 23 year old sexual assault case based solely on the word of the victim. Therapy and recovery methods are probably her best bet at this point.

      My heart is with the OP – your story is one of my biggest fears for my own daughter in this world. I’m sorry you had to go through that, OP.

    • Perhaps, Adam Dee, reporting it to the police may not result in a charge.
      But perhaps there are other victims as well. Then the police will have to investigate. Criminal charges may not be laid, but by reporting this crime, there is now a record/ file of it. She and if other victims came forward, could also choose to file a Civil suit against this pos.

      This happened to her at 15. She is now 38. She has not been able to really move ahead because of this traumatic experience. Its a form of PTSD. The violator still holds the power in her life, even after all these years.

      This is about victim EMPOWERMENT. Taking control back over her life. Part of the problem is never talking about the crime – it has stayed with her and she has not been about to move on. Shes carried it like a stone, all these years, in silence. A secret.

      Reporting it would be mostly symbolic. However telling some and talking about it RELEASES it and places the blame back on the violator not the VICTIM. Hopefully after the proper counselling and supports she can realise this is not her fault. She literally has to go back and convince her 15 year old self that this was not her fault and that she does not need to be ashamed and remain silent. She has the POWER. Her violator at this point is either deceased or a shrivelled up old man. Hopefully Karma caught up with him. He is not POWERLESS. He has no control over her. And she can then move forward with her life.

      My heart breaks for OP as well. But its never to late to set a situation right.

    • Macsen Simmons REPORT IT! He has or likely is doing g this to some one else.

    • Macsen Simmons my assault happened when I was 8. Finally told my mom at age 18. She took me to the police to file a report and the guy was charged! They can and will pursue this late in the game. Just speaking from experience.

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