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10028 106av. A address everyone knows.why is this building capital towers still standing.? Do we not care that Marty’s huck housing and pyramid housing are also hiding in this building.both of those places are known to be run by slum landlords….actually the same landlord D. M.

Avenue does nothing….it’s runthru with bugs and pedos….drugs dealers and addicts….I see kids being brought to visit….it’s shameful.

We should be proud to live in edmonton…..but edmonton should be ashamed of this building. Avenue should be ashamed to allow this to continue….even security is a God damn joke.

There was a fire…..did anyone know…..did anyone care? Nope all hush hush. My concern is just simple….why does no one care?



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  1. “Capital punishment towers” is the nickname.

  2. Nope its known name is crack towers lol

  3. even global news referred to it as crack towers lmao was funny and i didnt believe it till they reported it on the news

  4. Tara Adams Tara Adams says:

    Sadly this place has a horrible reputation. ..and yet nothing is done..

  5. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    I rented from avenue living,but a different building. I was in a basement suite, someone’s shower was broken above me. It was so bad that the ceiling fell in above my tub. They refused to fix it, I had to go to the caretakers suite to shower

  6. I know it as crack towers!

  7. Jessy Turner Jessy Turner says:

    This specific building Capitol Towers is known to house sexual predators on parole.

    • Alberta homecare nursing calls it Capital Punishment Towers. They never go alone, and I always have two in my home too. Seems somebody wants to paint me a violent person, despite no history of any violence and no person I know could say I am so much as off temperament. Maybe it’s because I am disabled, or they read and quote what they want to believe. The disclaimers are previous evidence other than the second lawsuit.

    • Jessy Turner Jessy Turner says:

      It’s called Crack towers lol

  8. Why doesn’t the poster go there do something about it . Oh ya cuz people are scared to go there.


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