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Avoid this Daycare

My 7 year old son went missing today at the negligence of his day care – pumpkin patch OSC.

The day care is responsible to collect my son from school on a daily basis. Today the day care provider attempted to collect my son from
His school at the 2:20 pm early dismissal. My son told the day care that his grandfather was picking him up. The day care proceeded to leave my child at that point, at the school unattended and alone.

An hour later, his grandfather called me at work asking where my son was. This was a surprise to me as I expected him to be at the day care. He was not.
He was not at the school nor the day care and I now have a MISSING CHILD.

Imagine the agony a mother feels detailing to the police what her seven year old son looks like and what he wore to school that day. Three hours my son was missing until The police finally found him wandering the busy streets of the city ALONE.

The day care proceeded to give me nothing but excuses throughout the entire ordeal. They did absolutely nothing to help in locating him, and amazingly, after calling the day care provider he ignored my calls twice. Even more amazingly, not one person from this day care has contacted me to apologize or discuss this matter.

Even the school was involved in attempting to locate my son along with the police service and all of my family and friends.

The negligence and lack of policies of this child care provider is astounding and they should lose their license.



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  1. . says:

    if ypou have a special exception like this, the onus is on YOU to make fucking sure your kid is safe,,,,the daycare is not blameless, and grandpa is not either,,,,,,but,,by not making damned sure everyone is on board and in the know,,m,you screwed this up,,own it!

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