Awesome lady @ nofrills

I am 35 weeks pregnant and I was at Nofrills on stony plain road, oh gosh was it ever busy! I was shopping for supper and when I got in my vehicle I’d realised I forgot the ranch , and I had already spent all my money…except the change that is in the wallet that I never use.. (quarters dimes nickles) and so I went back in and grabbed the ranch.. the lines were awful!!! Super long and my feet were already hurting from shopping earlier.. anyways, the lady in front of our line looked at me and wanted to pay for my ranch! Thank you so much! The pressure down there is real and you saved me from the people behind you too as they had lots too.. not to mention the cashier kept calling for assistance. Thank you lady so much! You made my day ♡


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  1. Same no frills, I was grocery shopping and my boyfriend and I both forgot our bank cards so he ran home to get it (we live five minutes away from there) I was with my at the time 5 month old daughter.
    An older man saw that I was waiting outside with her and next thing I know the cashier was waving me in and he paid for our groceries !
    I thought it was the sweetest thing ever, we paid it forward by taking the amount we would have spent and helped someone else pay theirs. ☺️

  2. Debbie Ward Debbie Ward says:

    Being kind is so awesome. And it makes you feel good.

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