Awful Smell

On the outskirts of NW Edmonton around Yellowhead and Anthony Henday there is an awful smell. Depending on the day and weather it is sometimes more pungent and/or covers a larger area. I have looked up online to see of there is a wastewater or sewer treatment plant or some kind of processing plant but have come up short. Can someone please tell me what causes that terrible smell?


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  1. Jen Pratt Jen Pratt says:

    There’s always been a stink there, even before the composting – there’s also always been a oil/gas well there. You could see it burning at night.

  2. Yari Maki Yari Maki says:

    I find it’s smells like unrefined oil

  3. Did you do a dead hooker check?

  4. The winds of NDP stench blow about!!!

  5. Is this the one by Spindle Factory? Lol

  6. There have been complaints for years about that place (since it opened) and I’m sure if something could be done it would have happened already. Just be thankful you don’t live in the area.

  7. JJ Young JJ Young says:

    Wind blowing the odor from the “Stink Triangle” (garbage dump, refineries, and Clairview.

  8. Nora Yaghi Nora Yaghi says:

    lol every time we drive by there and I get shocked by the smell my husband gets annoyed that I’ve forgotten about it.

  9. Irene Bakker Irene Bakker says:

    Our city stinks what else is new

  10. It’s sort of a sulphur smell .. I always turn off my air vents when I pass by . Doesn’t smell like it would be from composting

  11. It’s smells like sour gas to be honest (H2S). I’m surprised there hasn’t been complaints on it it bothers me everytime I drive by there.

  12. Waste management, the city dump is there…..
    There rendering plant is there so depending on the wind direction it can get rank
    I used to work in that area and it was horrendous once spring hit hahhahha

  13. West winds coming from spruce grove

  14. There’s a mushroom farm right by there

  15. Did you check your shorts?

  16. Frank Yurich Frank Yurich says:

    Yup a composting plant mixing drywall with poop great for your outdoor flower beds but don’t use it for vegetable plants your going to eat

  17. Could also be the smell from garbage mountain!!

    • Rem Lea Rem Lea says:

      Colleen Stewart-Christie Not likely. They have vapor phase odor control systems in place there. Its the Clean It Green It composting facility in the Winterburn Industrial Park

  18. Cory Keeping Cory Keeping says:

    It’s caused by cleanit greenit composting in the industrial park between 215 St and the henday South of yellowhead.
    The stink is from when they churn up the composting materials.

  19. That’s the smell of the city we live in!

  20. It’s the rendering plant.

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