Baby fever

Do I ever have baby fever lately.

I was a teenage SINGLE mom who didn’t want kids, well never thought of having kids. Than I had one and it was hard cause I did it all. Never got child support, put myself through school, worked my butt off to provide for my little one and it all paid off.

Now I have a career, still working to better it tho. And recently found an amazing man who accepted my little one as his own with no complaints. And lately all I ever think about is having another baby with this man and building our life together. Is it the right time, no. He is just starting a business and I am working outta town a lot. But gosh I can’t get it outta my head. I loved being pregnant. Heck I was gonna be a surrogate cause I loved it so much. And I can’t hold other people’s babies cause I don’t like kids other than mine.

Honestly this post has no question or really point to it other than I want a baby.



5 Responses

  1. Imagine how irritating this chick must be irl

  2. I’m not really sure there ever is a “perfect time” to have a baby. But meeting a nice guy doesn’t necessarily mean commitment. If you have ANY doubts that he won’t commit to a life of loving and supporting you and a child, then its not the right time.

  3. Debbie Ward Debbie Ward says:

    You would do well to wait at least a year to see if the magic is still there.

  4. Ummm what does HE want?

  5. You mean you meet a good paycheck, time to trap the guy!


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