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Baby Girl Burnt Hands

We were staying at a hotel on the weekend and the only source of heat was from a glass fireplace.

My one year old daughter lost her balance and touch the glass fireplace with both hands and got second-degree burns on both hands.

Would we be entitled to compensation?



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  1. TRENT says:

    Sorry FOLKS BUT IM GONNA BET YES..And whoever posted this should contact their lawyer
    (whether or not a lawyer can fight this i dont know but this has been in place for awhile hopefully i can stir up some business..HOTELIERS TAKE NOTE..YOU SHOULD CALL TRENT @ AB.WHOLESALE fIREPLACES TO INIQUIRE ABOUT SCREENS .LETS GET OUR HOTELIERS PROTECTED

  2. Tanita Nita Tanita Nita says:

    Because you were not paying close enough attention to ur child near a fireplace in a public place your trying to get money?? Uhm maybe keep a closer eye on a toddler near a fireplace of any kind. People these days… rather than take accountability for themselves will blame everything else. Thats on YOU

  3. My boy got burnt badly, his whole forearm was blistered and he’s scarred for life. This happened at school during foods class. Some kid was acting up and threw something in the deep fryer and the hot oil splashed on him. I didn’t think deep frying was appropriate or necessary. Plus the teacher didn’t know what to do and insisted he cover it which was the wrong advice and made it worse. No one seemed to care to rush him to ER. I couldn’t find an interested lawyer.

  4. Garry Swartz Garry Swartz says:

    Probably not you let your kid play around a fireplace…..common sense would dictate what? Don’t let the kid play around fire places?

  5. If they warned you then no but if no warning signs their insurance may give you a monetary payment for pain and suffering
    As some fireplaces have glass that doesn’t conduct heat and some do
    So being that you were a guest there should be a notice that it’s a hot surface..

  6. Candice Ball Candice Ball says:

    ?!?!? Obviously not. What the hell. Watch your kid

  7. Linda Riley Linda Riley says:

    Sadly, a lesson learned imho. Even gas fireplaces emit heat enough to cause serious burns. I hope the sweet baby is feeling better.

  8. Watch your child better next time you’re not entitled to shit!! Says right on the damn thing caution hot surface! Get off your phone and watch your kid!

  9. Oooo! That looks bad! Hope you had an opportunity to speak with the manager. I’ve been a desk manager. A good one will listen, and help come up with workable solutions. It was an accident that doesn’t sound like a fault of their own (fireplace glass is hot), so you may not get compensation…but, perhaps a free room to enjoy injury free next time. Ask them. Only way you’ll find out. In fact, after reading this thread of comments, I can guarantee you’ll get at least a more sympathetic ear than you’d find among the average citizens occupying this page.

  10. John Taylor John Taylor says:

    The answer is yes , there is a lawsuit there. But also a question of who watched and let this happen. Hopefully your daughter heals up fine , and doesn’t sue you

  11. My kids were all raised around wood heat, as I’ve always had a fireplace in my home and a fire going on chilly days. It was always my responsibility as a parent to keep my kids away from the fireplace. It’s the same as having an outdoor fire in a fire pit. Would you sue your friends if they invited you to their outdoor fire, and your child fell in?? Absolutely not! It’s YOUR responsibility to ensure your childs safety.

  12. I would say no but then I am not a lawyer. Wonder if children services should be involved to ensure the child is being properly taken care of?

  13. Brad Daniels Brad Daniels says:

    Be a parent and help your child heal, what do you want compensation for? Watch your young child next time.

  14. It was an accident. The hotel is not liable as far I am concerned. It could have happened to any one

  15. Jules Maria Jules Maria says:

    It was an accident with negligence on the child’s supervisors part and you want cash? No.

  16. Ron Barchuk Ron Barchuk says:

    Probably not. Nor should people be compensated for something like that. Fire has always been hot. Profiting of your own negligence is kinda douchey. That being said, I do hope she’s ok and heals quickly.

  17. Pretty sure that’s your bad as a parent for not watching your kid

    Commonsense isn’t common anymore huh

  18. Kat Weiss Kat Weiss says:

    This is not America.

  19. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    … would we be entitled…you sure act entitled!

  20. First of all. Poor baby. Hope she heals quickly. Secondly you would not be entitled to any compensation as using a fireplace is, as someone else said, implied risk. While you state it may of been the only source of heat (which is unlikely but possible) was it so cold it needed to be used? Did the hotel turn it on prior to you arriving and not tell you that it was 1) on 2) hot? Highly unlikely. Thirdly it is your responsibility to watch your child, especially in a place where things can hurt them. Even more especially when they are that young.

  21. You asking this question just goes to show how good and smart of a parent you Are! Keep using your kids as paychecks you nasty person .

  22. Jill Turner Jill Turner says:

    I doubt it, it’s unfortunate for sure but I don’t see the hotel being at fault.

  23. Tim Jacklin Tim Jacklin says:

    I could give you my opinion like many other people have , but I’m not a lawyer. A legal question like this should be addressed to an injury lawyer. Phone three and ask for their legal opinion. Then make your decision whether to file a claim or not. If there is a reasonable legal claim I think it would be rather insignificant , at least lower than the maximum of $50,000 in a civil (small claims ) court. You may be advised to file civilly.

  24. Lisa Fedirko Lisa Fedirko says:

    I think the only person who can answer that is a lawyer. Look up free consults instead of asking here?

    My thought is “I doubt it” but I’m not a lawyer

  25. Sue Topps Sue Topps says:

    ….and you needed heat in the middle of July??????

  26. Lora Grass Lora Grass says:

    Shouldn’t you be asking a lawyer that question instead of here? Do you want opinions or facts? Or…. attention?

  27. NO !! You are NOT entitled. Look after your kid

  28. You need to prove Hotel was at fault and it seems they were not.

  29. Julia Bryce Julia Bryce says:

    wow. when I have stayed at hotels during this time of year, the gas fireplaces are already turned off and not back on until after labour day or early Oct. I would make sure you contact said hotel, hand them pics and copies of drs. / medical stuff…then, see a lawyer.

  30. You live in Canada. What expenses do you have in regards to this? Hospital nope. Medications you have insurance!

  31. No you’re not entitled to compensation. you know fireplaces are hot, they have warning labels all over the glass too. It is your job as the parent to watch your little. Side note, why would anyone be turning the heat on in plus 20 weather

  32. YOU are responsible for YOUR child……you should have blocked it off if you were going to use it…….hoping your little one heals quickly.

  33. Tammy Felix Tammy Felix says:

    So if the glass wasn’t there then what would of happened to your child? Would you have watched them then or would it be the flames fault?

  34. Arlene Sharp Arlene Sharp says:

    Using the fire place alone might fall under implied assumption of risk. When using the fire place you assume there is a risk of getting burned but take on the risk when you use it anyway.

  35. Dean Rogal Dean Rogal says:

    Wont be long before commenting is turned off

  36. If there is permanent damage maybe but hopefully the child will recover and be okay

  37. Concentrate on your baby’s hand being treated by a Dr.

  38. Samara White Samara White says:

    Also since it’s only second degree, I’m gonna go on a limb here and say no surgery was needed, and very minimum time spent in the hospital, if you even took to the hospital instead of a medi center.
    So what kind of compensation are you looking for? Is this going to go into a trust fund that only the child can use? Because the child is the one who suffered here, not you are the parents so what the fuck are you looking for exactly.

  39. Who turned on the fireplace? You or the hotel. If you turned it on, then the responsibility is on you.

  40. Diane Wilson Diane Wilson says:

    No, are you kidding?

  41. Use toothpaste on the burns . Sounds weird but works wonders .

  42. Some comments blow my mind. No offence but if you really have no helpful words then SHUT THE “F” UP. So many Special f-ing SNOWFLAKES OUT THERE. Go play in traffic.

  43. Samara White Samara White says:

    As a burn survivor this post makes me INSANELY ANGRY.
    How about you focus on the fucking well being of your child and not making a quick buck.

  44. My daughter was 16 months when she slapped her hand on a stove burner when I was cooking . Her fingers blistered up pretty bad. Should I have sued the company that makes stoves?!?! No, it was my fault because I wasn’t paying proper attention. It’s your job as the parent to make sure your child is safe. Hotel or home, it’s your responsibility.

  45. Wouldn’t hesitate for 1 seconds. They have insurance and you have every right to feel save and secure in your hotel. Call a lawyer he will do it pro bono 100% just takes his fees off the judgement

  46. Adam Warmuth Adam Warmuth says:

    This will be a good teachable moment. Your child will be less likely to touch a fireplace and you will learn to watch them closer.

  47. No. Not the hotels fault. Yes the fireplace was needed to heat the room but it’s your responsibility to watch your child around the fireplace. I do hope your child heals ok! Burns are nasty. I touched an iron when I was three. Got 2 finger prints partially burned off.

  48. There could be negligence on the part of the hotel for not posting signs indicating that the surface would be hot. I would contact a lawyer. I would keep all your medical documentation and call an injury lawyer.

  49. Bill Howatt Bill Howatt says:

    What do you want compensation for? Is your daughter going to miss work? Or to make yourself feel better about not watching her? People always looking for a way to get free money. Jesus. Sorry your kid got hurt, but it’s not the hotels fault. Take some responsibility.

  50. Jenna Bain Jenna Bain says:

    Def not but you could ask the hotel to put up warnings if not already done

  51. No, it’s an accident. I would have either left it off or made steps to ensure baby couldn’t touch it.

  52. Robin Potter Robin Potter says:

    Contact a lawyer. If you cant afford one contact legal aid.

  53. Going to say no, as you should have been watching her closer.

  54. Traci Grams Traci Grams says:

    Accidents happen…. you should have probably blocked off access to the fireplace if it was a hazard to your child. We went to a chalet with a fireplace and brickwork. If my child fell and hit their head, it wouldn’t be a lawsuit situation…. the neglect was your own, not the institutions. You can try… but we don’t allow junk lawsuits in Canada.

  55. Aw what a sin hope she feels better

  56. Only source of heat was a glass fireplace? Seems unlikely. What would you like to be compensated for?

    Personally I’d say it’s the job of the parents to keep their kids away from things that are dangerous, and also to friend a kid friendly hotel.

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