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Has anyone had back surgery in Edmonton, if so can anyone suggest a good back surgeon ? I’m asking for my mom to be able to give her doctor a surgeon in Edmonton so she can have surgery here in Edmonton where she has family. Please dr name and phone number. Thank you!



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  1. Terry Nelson Terry Nelson says:

    Dr Mahood royal Alex took awhile to get in but had the surgery and it’s been great

  2. Dr Keith Aronyk at the U of A

  3. Kortbeek out of the Royal Alex.

  4. Lyn Hessels Lyn Hessels says:

    Depends on what’s wrong with her back. I have scoliosis, and an old back injury (so there’s some arthritis) , and now disc degeneration as I am in my 70’s. Surgery won’t address ALL of these issues, so have your Mom ask a lot of questions before she moves forward. I have been offered cortisone, nerve killing injections, surgery, cannabis and pain meds…. none of which will be a 100% guarantee of pain relief on their own and none for permanent relief. I find just a mild and daily exercise program helps.

    • Lyn Hessels hi, I am the mother looking for a surgeon that I can recommend to my doctor in bc. Right now he wants to send me to Vancouver, I would prefer Edmonton as my family is there and I am very familiar with Edmonton. My problem is I have 2 slipped disk l3&l4. I’ve been dealing with nerve pain for the past 7 months, add day everyday in my left leg. I actually don’t have pain in my back. I am wondering if you can tell me more about the nerve killing injections? Right now I’ve started taking nerve blocking medication in pill form. Has not improved my pain level at all.

    • Lyn Hessels Lyn Hessels says:

      I will PM you when I get home.

    • Katie Cisek Katie Cisek says:

      Jackie Cassidy I had my L4 done, Dr.Huang Works out of Kaye Edmonton clinic and did surgery at u of a – he did an amazing job. His bed side manners are very good too! He’s very young but good! It took me a while to get in but when he saw me he finally realized I needed surgery. Since surgery I am on less meds but still have some pain.

    • Lyn Hessels completely agree with Dr. Eric Huang he did an amazing life changing surgery on my husband.

    • Ruth Wadley Ruth Wadley says:

      There’s a couple problems with this. If you do not live in AB and carry an AHC Card you may have to pay for services. Crossing borders for treatment isn’t that simple. Referring out of Province may not be an option for the BC doctor. You may need to look into having the surgery done in BC and then transfer here for recovery at the family home.

  5. Lance Banu Lance Banu says:

    You have to get a referral from your doctor to go see any surgeon but my doctor is dr. Sween his clinic is in Edmonton but he works out of fort Sask took me over six months to get my back surgery but it was good and fix the problem

  6. This is Canada you cant just go and have back surgery.

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