Bad driving school driver

As I was driving home on Dec 21 at 11:00AM, a Mill Woods Driving School car pulled up beside me at a red light.

I presume it was an instructor driving, as there was no passenger. When the light turned green, the guy was too busy looking down at his phone to proceed. When he finally did, he was swerving all over the road because he was looking at his phone. He did this while going through the school zone on Mill Woods Rd near Millbourne mall, as well.

If you advertise a business on your vehicle, maybe don’t drive like a douche. Just sayin’.



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  1. Amber Larson Amber Larson says:

    I hope you contacted the company to file a complaint. I’m sure their boss would like to know of these things so they can deal with the problem. A driving school employee definitely should know better than to be a distracted driver.

  2. The OP is assuming the operator was an owner. Never assume. But the OP is right about one thing. Regardless of whether or not you’re driving a marked vehicle don’t be an asshole. Your phone will be there at the next stop. Don’t text or operate your phone while driving.

  3. It’s a total jungle out there today. In a 90 minute outing, I was almost rearended twice, was almost sideswiped, and almost had a head-on collision by someone too impatient coming to a light. Take it easy, people!

  4. Where do you think those bad drivers graduate from?

  5. Ugh. This is the school I went to and it’s horrible. They cheat and bribe to get their students passes the first time around and they don’t care at all. The owner especially.


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