Banking and Telemarketing

I am wondering first, what bank do you recommend (other than CIBC), and second, how do you report telemarketing type calls that don’t seem to stop?

Has anyone else experienced this with CIBC or any other bank??? I used to get multiple calls a day from this 1-800 #, while I am at work, so I could not really answer, and they would not leave a message. I finally googled the # and found out it was CIBC who I bank with. They were calling to try to upsell me on this and that….I asked not to be called. I continued to receive calls for weeks….sometimes late a night. I was visiting family in Nova Scotia, and 11:30 at night there, I get a call from CIBC! Granted, with the time change, it was only 8:30 in Alberta…but still, is 8:30 pm not late to be calling to upsell? I demanded to speak with a manager who assured me they would stop…they did…for a while. I then started receiving them again, finally called them and they said my LOC was over due, but it was not. My payment posted 3 days before the due date, but for some reason their system showed my LOC as over due. So, they fixed it.

But then the calls started again, I finally answered one and they were trying to talk to me about consolidation or upping my limit etc. I demanded a manager again…again…told the calls would stop, they continued for a few days before stopping.

Now today….I received 6 phones calls in 3 hours while I am at work! I finally called them and the same LOC issue again! And no, I am not over due or late. I am shopping around and will be transferring, but am wondering is there any thing else I can do? Will I encounter the same at other banks?



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