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Be a parent

I dated this girl years ago , a goth girl who lived in the hermitage area. She was a manipulator, mentally abusive and did nothing for herself, her children (not my kids ) or myself in the years we were together.

While I was out of town working , I didn’t ask much. I’d pay the bills and for her to be a stay at home mom and watch the house . She wouldn’t though. She would go online , claiming to be an artist, a witch, a gamer , a tattoo artist, a hair artist , anything for attention and anything to prevent her from doing the one thing she neglected to be. A mother.

So often she would lock her kids up in there bedroom , feeding them slices of toast through the gate, or waffles,. This was a routine that for days this would go on.. Her youngest was 3 and the older 8. I never did anything about this and I feel so ashamed and now I see this woman abusing her kids in Calgary while gaming , almost similar to what my ex did to her kids and it breaks my heart.

I am sorry I didn’t do more to protect you . I wish I had the heart to call the cops on your mom for neglect and abuse but she was so manipulative that I was scared for my own safety and well being. I know the older was too scared to speak up and when she did go to school she hid so much pain and hurt that it was evident something was wrong at home but her mother was a good scam artist and lier. A con artist . She was so good at covering up and hiding the truth of what home was really like . Her family tried to help and intervene but she was too perfect in her eyes and she did no wrong.

Anyways I needed to get this out. I don’t care to know where she is but I just hope maybe she changed her ways. It’s the kids more than her I care about. I miss them.



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