Be aware if your planning too buy a new vehicle through Darryl *****

I have recently been looking at newer trucks. This is a normal thing people do.

One day I received a call from Darryl saying he could find me the best deal and get me into a truck suited best for my needs. So I did some research to ensure he was legit. Quickly found some very positive reviews from when he worked for a ford dealer in the area also a Hyundai dealership.

My understanding is now he is an independent dealer . So he said he had found me a truck but needed a deposit in order for me to see it so sent one pending my impression , how ever he failed too meet up with me 2 weeks in a row . And I told him I was not impressed with the service and the truck was not what I wanted and I had found my self a better deal over the 2 weeks he delayed me. Long story short he is now holding my money with out me even viewing this vehicle let alone signing and documents . He is not returning phone calls or replying to messages .

Over all this is just a heads up to all of you . He dose have great reviews but I think he is a little more focused on quick cash then really finding you a vehicle for your needs. He has been very unprofessional this entire experience and I am deeply unimpressed.

ADMIN’S NOTE: Darryl’s last name has been removed to protect his identity. If you are wanting to display his full name, you will have to provide your full name as well. Sorry.



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  1. Contact AMVIC to see if he is licensed for sales. They can help with a resolution.


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