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Being followed

Let me preface this by saying that I am of sound mind. I am not some crazy paranoid person who thinks there’s some gangstalking conspiracy after me. Nor am I some conspiracy theorist or anything like that.

Over the past year, I have been followed by a black Ford SUV from outside my house. It happens about once or twice every two weeks. They’ll follow me along routes that nobody would ever take to get between places. On one occasion they followed me down a range road where I was able to lose them after they got stuck.

On every occasion so far, I have been able to evade them before arriving at my destination, sometimes with great difficulty. I’ve tried to get this guy’s plate number, but he goes to great lengths to stay behind me. Even if I manage to exit the freeway at the last second, he’ll slow down and even pull over to prevent me from getting behind and getting his plate number.

The last time I was followed by this person was last week. I have not contacted police yet. I’ve reported a hit and run and an obviously drunk driver and EPS did not do anything. I kinda feel like reporting it would be a waste of time… I know they’re not going to help. Plus the frequency with which this happens is erratic and unpredictable. Even if the police wanted to help, i don’t think they could do anything or be able to respond in time to catch him in the act. I have a faint clue on who it might be, but it seems so unlikely and if I tell the police this and it comes up negative, then they won’t take me seriously anyway.

What to do?



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  1. Anon134 says:

    Black Ford SUV,is it a newer model? Tinted back windows? Could it be an unmarked police vehicle?

    Do you live in an apartment building? I have had a friend followed and pulled over by police because he was visiting a friend that lived in the same building as a known drug dealer.

  2. Gayle Doll says:

    Could it be an investigator for insurance or something like that?

  3. Higherconsciousness says:

    The term you are looking for is “gang stalking” and I already know the party or parties involved.

    Things to do:
    1. Get every single detail on the ford as a ford can even been mistaken for a piece of shit if doesn’t look like every other ford. Get details of the driver or drivers if possible. If can’t get a plate at least look for a fleet tag which is easier than getting the digits.

    2. We are all creatures of habits, you have created a habit for this piece of shit driving a piece of shit. Now you know their habit you can exploit it; for example, have a few pals to help and box the piece of shit in (somewhere where there a no or few witnesses) and just beat the piss out of the pig or spook and carve “kkk” into his forehead, before his piece of shit pals arrive. Make sure you fuck up his vehicle also. fuck light it on fire even, firefighters get tired of lifting obese Albertans and getting cats out of trees anyway.

    More insight is needed to determine the SPECIFIC party:
    Age, sex, sexuality, class, colour, creed, religion, politic beliefs, views on oil and gas, are all pertinent to your issue.

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