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Being sued

What can I do if I am being sued for a car loan that hasn’t been paid?



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  1. i'm reposting this, not mine says:

    Watching many of your reactions to this Rittenhuse trial has gotten me thinking that SO FEW people actually have the mental capability to properly distinguish where blame TRULY lies in many situations. Some say Kyle is wrong; some say the 3 injured/deceased are wrong. Well, I have news for you; if you are on either of the above mentioned sides YOU ARE WRONG! Anyone with the ability to assess the entire situation would notice that BOTH sides are innocent victims. The REAL blame in this case lies with the PIG’s. The PIG’s allowed that entire situation to happen. If the PIG’s had even attempted to do their jobs half way, then would have been no situation where ANYONE would have been hurt.
    Doesn’t matter where you live; all PIG’s are like finding a malignant tumor on your bum — you don’t how it got there nor do you know why its there; all you know is its harmful and you want rid of it before it can do more harm.

    Which speaking of, reminds me of something I saw first hand about 20 years ago. I was at a (lousy) big chain restaurant where I witnessed the server act very belligerent to her final customer of the night; trying to get rid of him because she had a john waiting out back that she needed to suck and blow (confirmed fact) she denied him his final order. The gentleman was a very large man, like a football player. He stood up, stared the 20-something skeezer down for about 30 seconds, wound up and plowed her in the face so hard that not only did her neck snap, her head partially detached from her torso. Now even though this selfish cum-dumpster is responsible for her own actions; the blame truly lies with the management for allowing her to be there. If management had any standards of employee; this would not have occurred. The following lawsuits against this piss-poor chain restroom proved my theory right.

    So next time you want to play internet judge and jury; consider all the facts first; not just what suits your narrative at the time. You can look like less of a moron if you do so.

    *not by me!!! i got the beautiful work of art off a personal blog site and had to share it***

    • WhiteAnglosArePhuckedAllUp says:

      Only partial truth to your post.
      1) white anglos and its lowlife culture are to blame
      2) pigs, white anglos; low functioning socio- and – psycho- paths
      3) people peacefully protesting white anglos killing people on government cheque.
      3) supportive parents of murderer playing Robocop, white anglos
      4) pukey little murdering shit stain of society, white anglo
      5) Attorney General, courts and jury, white anglos and uncle toms.
      6) big restaurant owner, probably a fat white anglo
      7) skank-whore for a waitress, probably a white anglo mom.
      8) large customer with no self control, definitely another fragile, egocentric, entitled, piece of shit, white anglo.
      9) to add: people who snatch, diddle and bury children in Canada are white-anglos
      10) most depraved and un-cultured societies are white anglo societies: Canadumb, JewSA, (pu)UK(e), Lostralia. Jew Sealand.

  2. Yeehaws! says:

    You need big truck for alberta. You actually need Big Truck, cowboy hat, timbits, the North American delicacy hamburger, jew Oilers pregame and preseason on satellite, a bible on zionism and alberta genuine draft, the yous good to git er done.

    • Edmonton Infrastructure says:

      Alberta is a province of kiddy snatchers and diddlers, genocidal racists and zionists, stupid fat white people, pathetic scrawny white people, crooks and launders, creeping woman founders including with GHB, and just the filth of the world. Go see your police, city hall, municipal employees, the government of alberta, legislature and court house for a look.
      Fucking freaks.

  3. Who cares! says:

    Who cares about the car, focus on important things like your future. First thing you need to do is leave buttfuck, tarbilly, hillbilly loserville “Alberta” .
    You hillbillies can’t do health care, education, law and order, justice, entertainment, municipal planning, infrastructure or nothing! What does being sued or having a car in lowlife alberta have to really do with your life and future? Nothing and you will remain nothing staying in alberta. “Albertan Advantage” is only an effective illusion to keep the lawless, uneducated, unhealthy, hillbillies in Alberta.
    Grow up, act your age and improve your life – leave hellberta.

    • Who cares, alberta is your problem says:

      Oh you can also ask suburban daddy made man, Nate Glubish for a corporate waiver! You just need to show you already monopolize a market and are interested in investing in capitalistic pig conglomerate monopolies.

      • DeepThoughts says:

        If Nate Glubish is Ukrainian as he claims, how come he doesn’t speak any and is jewing alberta further?

  4. Ifyourenotfirstyourelast! says:

    Ride it like its stolen, motha fucka!