Best Customer Service in Edmonton – THE KEG just off Whyte Ave & 105 St!

My mind was blown by the superb customer service at this particular restaurant this evening. (I’ve become accustomed to so much crappy service over the past decade, with miserable clerks and other customer service staff everywhere.)

What a very attentive team of hostesses, waiters, kitchen staff, and managers. Quick, sincere, and very pleasant!

We were so impressed that we gave a $40 tip on a $97 dining bill.

I felt great being among this energetic group.

Keep up the FANTASTIC work…we WILL return for another delicious meal (and dessert)!



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  1. I agree that is the best Keg in town. We have been to many locations, including other cities, and that location is consistently the best!

  2. My go to place for special occasions!! Always a great experience!

  3. Chris Rice One last Keg dinner, at this location perhaps?

  4. I love this location as well. They have good customer service as well as they know how to cook steak properly, as opposed to some other keg locations ive been to. Even though we live closer to a different location, we always make the trip to go to whyte ave

  5. Erin Julien Erin Julien says:

    SHHHH…. Don’t tell everyone! That is by far the best Keg in town and its never a 90 minute wait like the south common one.

  6. Shawna Perez Shawna Perez says:

    Really? Last time I was there the waitress explained to me that my pathetic serving size of a salad was because I was paying for “ambience”. When I let her know that I also wanted my money’s worth because I came for the food, the waitress returned with my salad plate topped so high that lettuce pieces fell onto the floor when she slammed my plate onto the table. Never been back since.

  7. I dont think restaurants understand that we hate tipping if we get shit service. I wont if it’s bad and i don’t care what they say. But that being said i will tip well if the service is good.

  8. Dale Isley Dale Isley says:

    I heard through the grapevine this location is closing.


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