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Hey Edmonton, I’m doing a purge of my home and I’m wondering where the best places are in the city to donate quality items and clothing.

I would love to donate to those most in need.



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  1. Goodwill, Salvation Army or St. Vincent de Paul. The people that own Value Village are millionaires – it’s better to help other organizations.

  2. Kim Muir Kim Muir says:

    Habitat for Humanity Edmonton ReStores for furniture, appliances, doors, windows, tiles, lighting fixtures ….. for more info

  3. Find Edmonton for all home stuff and bissel is right next store also find does free pick up

  4. Cee Bee Cee Bee says:

    Follow Miranda Bellisle

  5. Gail Gerrard Gail Gerrard says:

    St Vincent De Paul they go out to the home of the people requesting assistance and determine their needs then go “shopping at their warehouse to provide for them.” They take furniture etc

  6. May Molofy May Molofy says:

    County clothesline in Sherwood park. The women’s shelter get vouchers to shop for free and get back on their feet. Such a good cause.

  7. Find is a great organization for home goods.

  8. Shelley Lohr Shelley Lohr says:

    Just wanted to say awesome idea. Also to let everyone know that the stash you have under the bathroom sink of h&b items that are partial the Hope Mission will take for the homeless to use

  9. Tina Jarvis Tina Jarvis says:

    Goodwill,salvation Army

  10. FIND will come pick up. They are with homeward trust and help the homeless get homes.

  11. YESS for clothes, bedding, etc. Teens are often overlooked. Terra Association would also be great. Try to pick one you haven’t heard of. The big organizations often get more material donations than they need.

  12. WIN House gives to women and children in need. Most are starting over and have nothing.

  13. Shepherds care Treats n’ Treasures thrift store

  14. If you contact Inclusion Alberta they will come and pick the items up. They then sell the items to Value Village and the money goes to help get inclusion for Alberta’s most marginalized disable people.

  15. Do not donate to Value Village. That company generates over $ 1 billion dollars worldwide from items GIVEN to them.

  16. You can donate your household items to “Find” through Homeward Trust Edmonton.

  17. Sigrun Jones Sigrun Jones says:

    St Vincent de Paul. Even though they do re-sell, I also donate to the Salvation Army resale stores.

  18. Redemptive Developments – they will come pick up your donation, they employ local individuals at living wages, and the profit goes right back into the community through the Jasper place wellness centre which provides things like food security, medical, housing.

    They also take mattress and clean them so they can be reused!

  19. Mustard Seed, the others sell the items

    This is an amazing organization and o have seen first hand how they help everyone who needs it.

  21. Patti Jones Patti Jones says:

    YESS is always looking for donations

  22. County Clothesline in Sherwood Park !!!!

  23. Not value village maybe goodwill ?

  24. Deb Holmes Deb Holmes says:

    TERRA is the school for young Moms.

  25. Candora (free), LoSeCa, MCC Thrift Shop, Amity House (free). The middle two are seriously low cost and all proceeds go directly to charities or programs they provide.
    There are a number of upcycling and community pages to give things away for free as well.

  26. I personally will not donate anything to the Bissell Centre. Volunteering there was a huge eye opener. My place of employment donated over 300 pairs of gently used work boots to them. We thought it would help those who were looking for work and needed work boots. Wrong! They charge homeless people for these boots. Not a couple of bucks, but the lowest pair were priced at $50. When we asked the coordinator where these people are supposed to get the money from, he quickly changed the subject.

  27. Bissell. Woman’s Shelter. How about the school for you g mothers? Sorry, I forget the name.

  28. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    Find! They will pick up large items, they help homeless people who are getting homes. They supply them with furniture, household items for free

  29. The Bissell is one of my go to donation places.

  30. Salvation Army & St. Vincent DePaul are 2 not for profits where donations actually help many.

  31. Hearts Thrift Store, they give items away to people in need, they collect everything , join their page and you can post items on their page also for people/families in need

  32. The Homeward Trust organization will come and pick up your donations and they go for free to those starting their lives again such as leaving domestic violence. I have donated over the years and they are a really fantastic charity doing a lot of good.

  33. I usually just go to a clothing donation bin. I’ve seen those in need just go directly to them and dig stuff out. Whatever’s left over gets brought over to the agency that owns the bin.

    • Chloe Cardinal like the ones for big brothers big sisters…. people who usually dig through are people who resell. At least that’s what a friend who works at Walmart said (they have tons of bins) the clothing in those bins goes to value village who pays the agency 4 cents per pound for the donations

  34. Erin EC Erin EC says:

    I only bring clothes to those bins you seen around the city.

  35. Alexii John Alexii John says:

    Women Helping Mothers In Need Edmonton & Area

  36. Lyn Hessels Lyn Hessels says:

    WIN House takes donations and doesn’t profit from them – they are given to families in need.

  37. Furniture to st Vincent du pual.

  38. if u look i bet there is people right near you that would be more then happy. just “look” and u will see people who have very little buying small things -cheapest groc item,mom with hot dogs and beans in caet and small milk. they prob would be happy with clothes or household items. direct help is the best

  39. Bissell center thrift store all of the money goes to their programs or the items are given directly to people in need.

  40. Tammy Calvin Tammy Calvin says:

    iHuman for young people in need

  41. Vanessa Van Vanessa Van says:

    I’m collecting clothing, tolletries for WINGS (Women In Need Growing Stronger)

  42. Elle Ray Elle Ray says:

    I don’t like to use VV, it is American owned.
    I prefer Goodwill, Find, or the Bissell Centre.
    Happy purging!!

  43. Marg Belyk Marg Belyk says:

    Just heard about a place called FIND. They take lots of stuff some things they sell but other stuff they give a away

  44. Salvation Army. They really give back to the community.

  45. County clothesline in Sherwood park is awesome. They let moms in need shop for free and the money they raise in profits goes back into the community to help build parks etc

  46. Tara association and or WIN HOUSE

  47. Goodwill prices are ridiculous!!! Find prices are ridiculous! How do people afford to buy stuff from them?
    Upcycling sites you can give them to people in need (iso) people are in search of. Keeps stuff out of the landfill as well

  48. Women’s shelter pregnancy care centre.

  49. Winhouse is always a good choice .

  50. “Find” on 119 st is a great place. It works to help homelessness in our city.

  51. Josh Bauer Josh Bauer says:

    Goodwill takes anything

  52. RM Jordan RM Jordan says:

    Inclusion Alberta will come pick up your stuff from your home and the donations go to help persons with disabilities across Alberta

  53. . says:

    Wings of Providence is a wonderful place, helpful to shattered families doing a restart

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