Best Starbucks Service Ever!

Last night my daughter and I quickly stopped by the Starbucks in Southpark (gateway Blvd) at 5:45pm for my Friday night White Chocolate Mocha fix, in preparation to watch my daughters Acro Gymnastics for three hours. I had been suffering from a nasty head cold for the past few days and felt pretty yucky. The drive thru was thankfully empty and I quickly placed my order.

I pulled up to the window and met the nicest Starbucks employee ever. A young man named Brennen greeted me with a huge smile and questions about what I had planned for the evening. This guy actually took the time to care. My daughter rolled down her back window and excitedly answered his questions about her gymnastics and then he told a funny story of his own.

THANK YOU BRENNEN for taking the time to care about our day. Though it may seem insignificant to some, for my daughter and I, it quite honestly made our day!



4 Responses

  1. Ceol Poon Ceol Poon says:

    Been to that location several times and I’m always impressed with the cheerful and personable staff…

  2. Jodi Flatt Jodi Flatt says:

    My sister & I were there yesterday as well and had excellent service as well. Our Barista asked about our plans for the day and made some fun suggestions to include in our shopping trip! Always an enjoyable experience!!

  3. Holly McJannet says:

    I know Brennen and he is a great guy!!! I am not surprised you received great service from him!

  4. That is my favorite Starbucks location to go to in the city! The employees are always so friendly and cheerful, which makes me think they must have some great management at this location that really care about their staff. The employees have always been super friendly to my kids and myself and they always make sure that our order is perfect. We aren’t Starbucks regulars, so it makes our once in awhile treat super enjoyable!


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