Best Workout Apps

I’m looking for an app or website that will help me figure out what to do at the gym.

I would like to follow a pre-determined weight lifting routine and not have to think while at the gym.

I’m a middle aged woman who needs to make exercising easier!



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  1. Check out It is pretty awesome.

  2. The Emily Skye app is good. She does have a program you can pay for also but the app is free and there is a daily workout each day that is free.

  3. Ai Lee Ai Lee says:

    BodySpace by It tracks how much weight you’ve lifted. As well as has programs based on your comfort level. You can also set it up so you have a work out plan for however long you want. As well as it comes with videos so if you don’t know how to properly use the machine or do the work out you can learn that way.

  4. Win Chan Win Chan says:

    Bodyspace. If you do 5×5, they have their own app. That’s my favourite routine for time-scarce people looking to build strength and work all their muscles.

  5. has a ton of different programs for whatever style workout you are looking for.

  6. Crys Brown Crys Brown says:

    I really like the nikefit app! You can search workouts by how long they are and how much equipment you have, and there are good-quality videos of each move. Good luck!

  7. If you’re going to a gym, they usually have personal trainers who can get you started on the right track.


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