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Better start saving your nickels and dimes

One of the members on the curriculum review committee is all about private schools. As rumours have said before Kenney will take education to be privatized like the states.

What does that mean? Well the rich get exceptional education due to that’s were our tax payers money will go to.

Who suffers? Everyone in the lower and middle class.

Why? Because there won’t be much funding in public education to support students.

Are you really ok with American style education?



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  1. Andrew Gregg Andrew Gregg says:

    There are already private schools…

  2. Sacha Mary Sacha Mary says:

    An American has no business writing Canadian curriculum. We’ve invested millions of dollars over the last seven years in a curriculum that was being worked on by both the conservatives and the NDP. What do you see the ucp doing now is a huge gross disgusting waste of our tax dollars. Implement the curriculum that we have and stop screwing around.

  3. Nicola Robak Nicola Robak says:

    better he support that then supporting sogi123 written by a known pedophile ben Levine so yay

  4. Amanda Maxim Amanda Maxim says:

    Another expense for parents.
    Kids aren’t cheap!

  5. I have little respect for those who post political crap like this anonymously.

    If you’re not going to stand behind your words how can you expect others to?

    Grow a set…

  6. Win Chan Win Chan says:

    Private schools have existed in BC and other provinces for ages. Public government-funded schools also existed, and people went to both. Some people found private schools to suit their kids better when the teachers and school staff were better compensated, or otherwise had more economic incentive to provide the education the parents and kids wanted. I went to a night school back in the day (where the teacher taught extra after regular school hours) and they made a pretty penny. People like myself were put there because our parents were adamant on us being equipped as strong as possible for university (needless to say, I ended up working the rigs, but that’s another story). In my hometown we used to have a special program before demand declined too much to sustain it. Remember as a kid we used to get special 1-on-1 or smaller group time with teachers a lot. Private schools also took away strain from the public ones, so us suckers who our parents rather see in a private school anyway, didn’t strain their resources. Those who didn’t want to pay for them, just stuck to a public school and both sides were happy.

  7. It was just announced today that the first budget will come out in Oct, and no cuts have happened with healthcare or education. Seriously, if you are going on the attack, maybe use proper media sources1

  8. Well…. tough choices need to be made to get Alberta’s multi-billion-dollar budget deficits back into balance in four years and prevent punishing future interest payments on the debt. Fiscal planning isn’t meant to reduce health or education budgets, but to find savings within those departments. Something has got to give.

  9. When you make things more competitive it actually makes things cheaper. When the government subsidizes everything businesses or programs have no need to barter, in fact they overcharge the government which we inevitably fund with our taxes. I think there are a lot of things we can learn from our neighbours.

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