Beware of Casawise Property Management

If I can defer 1 person from renting a unit from Casawise Management by reading this review then its worth my time writing it!!

This property management company are crooks. Based on certain personal issues, the lease on this unit needed to be terminated ASAP (gotta go where the work is!). My boyfriend was advised based on early termination of the lease, there will be a $250 cancellation fee along with an fee ($59) for the posting of the ad on their OWN management website! Either way he completely understood thinking they would help rent it out ASAP.

Now this is where it gets good! Nothing was being done by the company to rent out this property, it sat on their web page showing it was “FOR RENT”!
Frantic about the move to another city, financially we could not afford to pay rent on both places. I took matters into my own hands and started to post adds on 6 Edmonton Rental Facebook pages, Kijiji and other social media websites etc. If someone was interested to look at the unit, I would forward all the contact information to the employee who takes care scheduling showings. Some of the emails I did forward her had 3-6+ different people interested in viewing the unit, I literally sent over 60 potential renters to her in less then a month. I was assured they would contact all the potential renters to set up viewings. (I did follow up with the majority of the potential renters and they advised me they were not contacted by her) When they did set up 1-2 showings every 2 days from all the contacts I did send over, the person who is in charge of viewings let people walk around the unit, not selling the features of it and then hand them an application on their way out the door! So once again, I took matters into my own hands. I showed the unit and found a renter in less then 1 week.

It took HOURS of my time to rent THEIR unit because they could care less about helping people in situations or better yet, do their jobs.
Yesterday my boyfriend received they remainder of the damage deposit, it was a smack in the face! Yes, he understood the amount of the cancellation fee, the ad posting and the carpet cleaning would be deducted, however along with a small deductions for nonsense, there was a deduction of $137.88 to replace a $5 light bulb that was missed and a $19 furnace filter. This was never mentioned in the move out report that the filter was to be replaced. When he moved into the unit he replaced the furnace filter, it was not done by Casawise. The funny thing here is, there was a reminder sticker on the the furnace reminding Casawise the furnace required maintenance over 2 months ago! When the employee saw it she laughed it off!

They completely ripped him off any where they could. I am the one that showed and rented this place, I am the one who hired cleaners to clean the unit but it wasn’t to their standards (oh and FYI the lady who rented the place took pictures of the areas that were “cleaned” and they were not cleaned to send to me!) The unit sparkled compared to when he moved in!! These issues are just a tip of what happened!


Out of $1400 damage he received $588.00! So my advice to all who are looking to rent with Casawise, please reconsider this property Management company. Most landlords will go above and beyond for their renters, to Casawise, you and your family are just another number.



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  1. Brennan says:

    Hello everyone who has unfortunately had to read this skewed review. I’d like to first point out that it’s easy for a keyboard warrior to sit behind a computer screen and slander a company without any actual factual information, however, I would hope most readers would understand there is always two sides to a story…

    The one thing the reviewer needs to understand, and as a number of you who have commented are aware of, as per the Residential Tenancies Act in Alberta, when you enter into a fixed-term rental agreement, you as the tenant are responsible for the rent until the end of that tenancy. If you decide to break your lease and exit early, even though there is a fee to do so, this does not release you from the contractual terms of the agreement. As your Landlord, we are required by law to do our best effort in re-renting the unit, only until the unit has been successfully re-rented are you released from the responsibility of paying the rent. Another note I would like to point out is that we do not own these units as we manage them on behalf of our owner clients. These owners expect to receive full rental income for the term of every tenancy agreement signed. If we chose to just let every tenant out of their lease, I wouldn’t be able to keep my business operating as no owner would trust my ability to properly manage their unit.

    We did everything in our best effort in order to re-rent the unit for this tenant. In a very timely manner we assisted 55 prospects, many of which came from the tenant. However, of those 55 prospects only 27 viewings were scheduled and of those 27 viewings only 10 prospects actually showed up! A vast majority of these “potential renters” were nothing but tire kickers and not serious at all. We also advertise on a number of different rental websites, not just our own.

    In regards to the deductions on the security deposit, our cleaners needed to spend 2 hours cleaning entrance doors, closets, walls, flooring, kitchen appliances and the washer and dryer. These items were all clearly marked on the move out report and signed by the tenant. Our handyman also needed to replace a pot light and 3 bedroom light bulbs that had burnt out. Light bulbs are the responsibility of the tenant and would be a very inexpensive item to replace themselves, however, we were unaware the light bulbs needed to be replaced until we performed the move out. Our handyman then needed to go out and find the specific bulbs and return and change them. The reviewer may claim the filter was not on the move out report but we have a copy of the report and it clearly was. These two items along with the labour added up to the $137.50.

    One last thing I would like to point out is that we usually charge $500 as a lease breaking fee (which covers a large portion of the viewing appointments, etc.). We reduced this fee to $250 for this tenant considering their circumstances, however, this no where near covers the amount of time and money that went in to dealing with the amount of non-serious prospects.

    Upon the tenants request, we provided all relative information and copies if the invoices for repairs/cleaning. We take great pride the high quality of service we provide to both our owners but especially to our tenants who live in our units. We have countless positive reviews and stories from past and current tenants on how happy they have been with the service they have received from Casawise Management

  2. Bobby Sam Bobby Sam says:

    Sounds just like Braden Equities. what a joke. I cannot believe owners would hire them to manage anything

    • Im having an issue with braden currently myself.
      Useless stupid incompetent crooks!!!!

    • Bobby Sam Bobby Sam says:

      Yup, what building are you in? They do nothing in our building. took over last year. When Westcorp owned the property, you could eat off the floor, things were fixed promptly abd we had an onsite maintenance person in addition to the manager. Now, the building is filthy. The water was off for over 10 hours yesterdayRegency Developments actually iwns the property but obviously don’t care that their unvestment is beung mismanaged.

  3. Someone email me the Coles Notes please.

    • Blah blah blah, lease break, blah blah blah, not clean enough, something something, ripped off damage deposit, Yada Yada, don’t rent. You’re welcome 🙂

  4. Maria Demers Maria Demers says:

    The sound like Rockwood Management. Crooks

  5. They aren’t required to find a renter for your unit over any other vacant unit. The best thing you did was find a new renter yourself because once you moved, if it was vacant, you would potentially be liable for the remainder of the lease. Residential Tenancies Act…. it’s the laws that all landlords and renters have to follow. A lease is a legally binding contract. It protects both the landlord as well as the renter. As to the deductions, if you don’t agree with them contact Service Alberta for your options.

  6. Sue the mgmt company through the RTDRS. Put slumlords in their place!!

  7. In Alberta, the standard of mgmt company operations are very low. I own my condo, we’ve gone through 4 companies in 10 years and all of them without exception start off strong for about 6 months and then the laziness sets in. They don’t return calls, they forget to send memos out, can’t book keep to save their lives, spelling and grammar can be appalling on letters. The worst part of it, there isn’t really any recourse for the owner/renter for this. No protection either. If there is fraud or something of the nature, your main option is to hire a lawyer out of your pocket. Until the legislation changes and property managers have to take a proper university course and know the Condo Property Act, not much will change. Owners/renters who don’t know better will always be at the system’s mercy. Talk to a lawyer and see if you can bill the mgmt company for your time in trying to rent your place out. Long shot but maybe this will teach them a lesson to treat people better. But also make sure you know your lease terms in an out.

  8. I’m having a tough time understanding why it was necessary for them to have a new renter in place to let you move out… paying the cancellation fee should have been ample


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