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Can we please share this?! Businesses should not be able to get away with this kind of thing and people need to know what happening!!!!



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  1. Jessie Marie Jessie Marie says:

    Same thing happened to me @ CrossTown Auto . After everything was done with the salesman & finance ppl, they stopped taking our calls and texts, we would go into the dealership and they would literally Peek our their office and then call reception to say they’re unavailable. AMViC couldn’t help. We called everywhere and after 4 months Canada Wide Was able to fix our prob. Cut in HALF the payment costs, got our term down to 5 years. Cash Back, and they showed us on our crosstown paperwork that they sold us a FREE 5 year warranty for $4k & some little extras adding up to $9k and notes saying we insisted on paying for these.

  2. Very negative comments on here with personal stories yet u go to Google reviews and all are pretty much 5*****’s……..

  3. Ashley Reid Ashley Reid says:

    Sandra Carolina Romero some of these comments are really funny lol

  4. Lynn Anne Lynn Anne says:

    West End Nissan is just as crooked. Went in with my daughter to get a deal arranged. Got it all hammered out and left her to go back in to do the financing on her own and warned her – say NO to everything. After the deal came in – we checked with Nissan finance – the finance guy added both the extended warranty and an insurance package on without her consent. My daughter had definitely declined both of these but the slimeball finance guy added them in because of course this is where they make HUGE money. We had to fight like hell and finally got them off but ended up paying over 1000 in cancellation fees for THEIR crooked act. Surprise Surprise that finance guy is nowhere around and the original paperwork disappeared with the agreed upon price.

  5. Were there any suits in the trunk?

  6. Vera Milo Vera Milo says:

    Typical sleazy car salesman/dealerships

  7. Rocky Wilson Rocky Wilson says:

    I’d never deal with any of the car dealerships under the Go Auto name since heard nothing but bad reviews with this group.

  8. The reason it’s called the Go Auto Group is because you either have to GO to AMViC, GO to court, GO broke, or GO crazy when you buy a vehicle from them. Every salesperson I’ve ever dealt with there didn’t understand basic math or had body odor issues.

  9. They’re the worst. If you still need a Go Auto dealership for any reason, I’d recommend Go Nissan South, and for service ask for Nick as your advisor. Worth the drive and he doesn’t try to tell you service and garbage you don’t need.

  10. Alexii John Alexii John says:

    Mine had a dent when I bought it

    They pointed it out to me and let me know in advance

    Gave me the opportunity to check the records on the vehicle myself to be sure it wasn’t in an accident

  11. same kinda thing happened to me there. I read a review on the car I bought they said it was in an accident, rear ended. this was a statement from the previous owner.
    All the paperwork they gave me said it has never been in an accident.
    I looked at the back hatch and there’s clearly damage (very minimal and just esthetic from being rear ended) I brought it up and they denied it. I still bought the vehicle and haven’t had any issues with it mechanically at all but seemed sketchy at the time.

  12. Kelli Denise Kelli Denise says:

    Yup, wouldn’t deal with them again either, definitely do not recommend them.

  13. I am sorry to hear this happened to someone else. I’ve also had a very unpleasant experience with them. I deal with West End Nissan now and will confirm, day and night service in comparison. Will never go back to Northside Nissan.

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